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  1. Did you know that there are about 1.5 billion smartphones? Many of them run iOS and Android operating systems which have gone practically unbotted. Now you can learn how to tap into this large market and make bots for anything that runs Android or iOS using software you are familiar with! I am selling a guide to automate your favorite apps and I have source codes included that demonstrate the following: ClickingDragging MotionsUp and Down Swiping MotionsTypingIn the guide I take you step by step on how to get started making mobile bots, give you tips on how to make your bots more efficient
  2. Hello guys, I'm encountering quite unusual issue with CPU consumption for a while now. In my venture to make the code less aggressive, I did literally everything I could thought off, but as it seems to no avail. I did a few additional patches and went to checking the bot's running process in the uBOT Studio software and thought I've resolved the issue given that uBOT was consuming up to 10% of CPU max. but usually it maintains just a few percent of CPU like 3-5%. When I proceeded to compile the same and run as a standalone BOT, the CPU consumption went up and kept it constantly ove
  3. Hello guys i know ubot studio can make a bot for every website. I need some help i want to make a special bot. Dailymotion.com subscriber bot it needs ip rotation/captcha 2 bypass/solve email creatìon and verify/need verified account to subscribe would be cool to customize the channel wich get subscribers. it needs 2 windows one active for dailymotion and one active to get mail. temp-mail.org works fine to make mass email it would be great if someone can help me cause i dont have to much time i also would pay for your help earnings of dailymotion are small so i
  4. Ubotees, Returning here after about 2yrs. Before was here for 6yrs nearly everyday! Which Commands and Functions to use to build a peer to peer client, like Napster, KazaA, etc. ? In short, I want to build peer to peer clients. So, whatever files I put inside my client (file host), you will be able to connect directly to my client (file host) with your client (file host) and download all my files or view them in your bot browser. Likewise, whatever files you put inside your client (file host), I will be able to connect directly to your client (file host) with my client (file host)
  5. Fiverr is the best place to recruit all kind of services for your online business or daily basis. Delegate and have more time for important stuff. Using Fiverr alone its a pain in the arse. What if.... ? You could scrape results from fiverr searches. Select which gig owner you want to contact in a batch. Perform spinned message sending to all the selected profiles. Respond to selected messages with a spinned message.How many hours you have lost finding the perfect freelancer that will respond the way you wanted. What about recruiting people for doing special gigs. Dont lose more time and use a
  6. Are you lost trying to figure out Ubot? Don't worry. I've spent hundreds of hours doing exactly that. Recently, I was contacted by a client to create a bot to register free domain names on Freenom.com, a domain service that offers .tk and .ml domains for free. Unfortunately for me, after I made the bot the client charged me back on PayPal. I want to get something out of it since it's already made, so I'm selling the source code! The source code uses Aymen's HTTP Post plugin to register dozens of domains in mere seconds! Included in the source code are examples
  7. My automated A.I Twitter bot is now FREE. It utilizes a Artificial Intelligence service to reply to people over twitter with a unique response that requires no input from the operator. it checks for new messages at a customize time and will reply to questions or comments that it receives. It's a powerful addition to any marking account that you wish to give the impression that someone human is operating it. All posts to twitter are done using twitter for mobile to give that extra personal feel when someone checks how the replies were made. FREE.
  8. WHY ARE SHOPIFY PRODUCT REVIEWS VITAL FOR YOUR BUSINESS When a customer comes to your online Shopify store, the first thing they will look at is the number of reviews each product has. If your products do not have many reviews, this will send out a message that your Shopify store is not popular. This can turn down many users and leave your Shopify stores with few sales. GENERATE PRODUCT REVIEWS FOR YOUR SHOPIFY STORE ON AUTO PILOT WITH OUR REVOLUTIONARY SHOPIFY PRODUCT REVIEW GENERATOR SOFTWARE Every Shopify store owner knows exactly how difficult it is to get reviews for their produc
  9. Hello again, i have a big problem and that is an unclickable button. I mean you can click it, but i won't work, i changed browser from IE to chrome, but there are no changes. It doesn't work either with command and browser click. Maybe because it needs new browser tab ? You can find the code below :
  10. Ubotters, I found this: https://developers.google.com/custom-search/json-api/v1/overview Does Google expect us to pay for every search our bots make to it ?
  11. I need a Mapmaker bot done in 1 week. Very simple tasks... just going through Mapmaker listings and performing simple tasks. Let me know if you're interested: http://network.ubotstudio.com/freelance/project/make-a-mapmaker-bot-in-1-week/
  12. I think this is going to be useful for most of advanced ubotters, This is a way of helping understanding more technology. But if this is not accepted in this forum, please let me know.... IRC was the best 10 years ago, now other softwares have eclipsed, but many savvy people keep using it for proper communication with special individuals. So, if you never heard or configured eggdrops, this is something similar. So first you will need to install NodeJS, and I will consider that you already have it, then you should have NPM also installed, then just install the irc library: npm
  13. Hello , i need an automated software that can register free wordpress website and do following things: -Delete default pages and post -Setup Random theme Bot should grab emails and proxys from txt file, register wordpress site and setup, theme, delete welcome post and site. PM me with price and your Skype or other contact.
  14. Good Day to you all, I was wondering how do apps and websites verify your twitter or facebook account ? You may have come across blogs where when you want to coment, the blog asks you to comment with your facebook or twitter account. They give you 2 fields to fill-in where one asks for your username and the other asks for your password. I am guessing, when you feed your username and password the blog commenting section uses your login details to login to your account and if successful then your account is verified and you're able to make the comment. Else no. I have also seen some forums d
  15. I have for sale a simple traffic bot. It is nothing fancy but can be used every single day for free traffic to your sites. It will allow you to get free traffic on autopilot every day. A person would normally have to click on links to view someone's website for 6-12 seconds to get points to post there own sites. With my bot it will do the clicking for you. It will allow you to get many points that you can use to post your own ads with. Also because of getting so many points you can get a 12 second timer and bold title. Your ad will be able to stand out more and therefore get more views. So i
  16. Hi I am interested to find affiliates on freelancer.com and other freelancing sites. I am looking for a bot that can post jobs on freelancers for traffic generation or marketing task. After which every bidder will receive a fixed Private Message asking him to sign up as an affiliate and the benefits of doing so. Please advise on the cost and kindly cite your experience and anything else i should be aware off. Thank you
  17. Can someone please create a vote for me to vote in this poll. I wanna vote for the second option and i don't have any experience with this. http://m.channel961.iheart.com/articles/channel-961-464575/battle-of-the-fans-who-will-14570898/
  18. Here's a bot I made which farms free bitcoins which you can gamble Works quite well! • To use proxies , create a txt file on your desktop called "proxies.txt" and fill it with proxies , then select "use proxie(s)" within the program • Requires DBC for full automation. http://i.imgur.com/XgSK5PM.png
  19. http://megabot.info/images/icon.pngMEGABOT - AUTO UPLOADING BOT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nIvZrlXRgWQ WHAT'S MEGABOT ?Megabot is completely automated script, which download from any RSS Feed of torrent site, Then re-upload it to your own accounts of filehosts, it also generates the post, and postit to your own sites.. You can cusomize your post templates, edit your own settings easily WHY MEGABOT ?We dont claim that Megabot is the best, but we're completly sure that our support work 24/7 to create new functions, add new plugins as our customers ask.. Main features:v.1.89 Downloa
  20. http://www.boosterbots.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/InstagramDataGrabberPro.jpg Lifetime License + Free Updates Included! Quickly and easily harvest and save Instagram user profile data, image post links, and usernames with the Instagram Data Grabber Pro. This tool will automatically extract Username, UID (User ID), Followers, Following, Verified, Uploads, Private, Bio, and Website URL from a list of Instagram usernames you load into the bot. With the pro version you can also scrape image post links + extract usernames with blazing fast speed! Current Version v1.3 - Updated 11/22/201
  21. Just started to create some custom plugins and when I compile the bot, it crashes when I try and open it up. It works fine if I am within Ubot studio, but once I compile the bot I can't run it. Currently, I don't have a plugin registration key. So I guess the question is can I run compiled bots with a plugin that has not been assigned a plugin key? I thought you could, but you would just get the nag screen. In my case, it opens for 5 seconds and closes with no error. If I remove the plugin reference, compile the bot and run it, the bot runs fine. It just seems to be when the plugin is
  22. I generated a bot yesterday. Today i run the bot and it comes up with the following message while contacting the IP address of the uBot server. Why is this? http://i.imgur.com/ciRAe.png This is something we don't want to happen, SPECIALLY if you keep in mind we have a DEVELOPER version of uBot Studio (thus, BRANDING FREE). Imagine, what if we send this file to clients??? The generated .exe file is already about 4MB so i assume there are no suspicious "updates" needed! All required files ARE already in the .exe, right???
  23. Hello , i need an automated software that can log in to wordpress website and do following things: - Install plugins -Setup plugins -Change some other wordpress settings -Make 4 Blank Pages -Delete default pages 90% of things are the same every time i make a mini site , and there is no need to add many variables. Please PM me or reply here if you have any questions , and tell me your quote for this job. Thanks
  24. Hello fellow Ubotters, I would like to get some advice on best practices for how to automate the running of a bot which has a large number of pages to scrape. First I will give a little bit of background, and then hopefully someone can give me a few good ideas to implement. There is one site that I would like to scrape, and I need to pass through a series of unique URLs to the site. With each loop, I write the unique URL into a separate table so that I can keep track of which ones have been done and which ones still need to be done. Perhaps an example will help to demonstrate my situati
  25. So let me just list features of this program so that you see just how powerful it is. http://itbots.net/uploads/3/5/3/7/3537892/7116863_orig.jpg Auto FollowAuto UnFollowAuto TweetsAuto Tweets From a list (To all your users)Auto RetweetsAuto FavoritesUsername Scraper (Special Bonus for all my customers)Image Recognition (For Following,UnFollowing)And It works with any account you might Have! Twitter Smart Manager is a Software Meant for people who want to Mange their Accounts with no hassle or work Just set Your Settings and Run any action you want or if you dont feel like it no problem
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