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  1. Hello guys i know ubot studio can make a bot for every website. I need some help i want to make a special bot. Dailymotion.com subscriber bot it needs ip rotation/captcha 2 bypass/solve email creatìon and verify/need verified account to subscribe would be cool to customize the channel wich get subscribers. it needs 2 windows one active for dailymotion and one active to get mail. temp-mail.org works fine to make mass email it would be great if someone can help me cause i dont have to much time i also would pay for your help earnings of dailymotion are small so i
  2. i dont have codet just 2 lines that extern browser open the website but i cant click anything or automate anything in extern
  3. i have it allready i can open exbrowser but i cant automate it
  4. i want to make a bot but i have to use extern browser how can i make bot or macro for extern browser ?
  5. i fixed it works perfect im glad for your help my friend
  6. it works now but on the txt file it only saves the last email it dont makes a list with more then 1 account . it generates the accounts but only save the last account :-/
  7. thank you very much <3
  8. zoho-email + pw
  9. but its possible to save the zoho email ? instant of the random gmail ?
  10. thank you very much <3
  11. hello i want to make a email creator for zoho.eu navigate("https://www.zoho.eu/mail/","Wait") reset account("Any") change checkbox(<id="personal">,"Checked") type text(<username field>,$account data("Username"),"Standard") type text(<password field>,$account data("Password"),"Standard") type text(<first name field>,$account data("First Name"),"Standard") type text(<last name field>,$account data("Last Name"),"Standard") change checkbox(<name="tos">,"Checked") type text($element offset(<email field>,0),$account data("Email"),"Standard") click(<crea
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