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  1. Mimic is MultiLogins personal browser so its not something we will directly support as the plugin is selenium based and primary focus is on browsers that are more widely known for use. Yes it was recently updated and public BEta access is available inside the Dashboard of Exbrowser.net no its been fully updated as well as added in incognition which is a cheaper solution just like multilogin Auto update's to latest webdriver to always support the latest chrome, and firefox
  2. hi, botguru.net ticket server is down? 

  3. I can integrate a service for it, but what i've seen others do is use something liek woocommerce, or other commerce systems that have crypto as an option and forward the post data of that payment complete to an ipn file to process and issue the keys accordingly. What service is wanted for accepting payments? THey must have a ipn or reporting system that sends signal back to a site link after the chain completes.
  4. Another plugin to consider for external browsers would be https://exbrowser.net Has been around for years, and widely used among the community, with it also being I believe the most replied to and viewed thread on the forum.
  5. Exbrowser - If you compiled a bot using a Professional license, that compiled bot is active forever, even if you cancel your subscription, or exbrowser license at any time after compiling. https://exbrowser.net
  6. Its a standalone script where larval is a php library and structuring for coding styles. This standalone script is procedural built with mysqli / and php 7.4 tested. See video on sales page. You can use larvel and make the database connections, and php scripts as you like to interact with the database setup anyway you like. TJ
  7. *ExBrowser BlackFriday Cyber Monday Sale* View the details here https://manage.kmail-lists.com/subscriptions/web-view?a=WrDuAa&c=01FJ59GSZSY9V9FKGTMK9091E2&k=1c2866846acf7095e30fdcb05cdd6f96&m=SiGqZ7&r=GfQXJ6i
  8. Can contact me if you like contact page on https://botguru.net skype: emw-dgn
  9. https://exbrowser.net/exbrowser-2-018/ Today we released ExBrowser version 2.018 In this version we have: Optimized some commands and functions to perform a bit faster Adjusted the md5 hash check on exb-data-2018.zip so that it does not always redownload the file when opening a software, or source code. Please download the new DLL from your members dashboard, and overwrite or replace your DLL in your UBotStudio instance.
  10. Other things to check https://www.wpbeginner.com/wp-tutorials/how-to-fix-the-401-error-in-wordpress-solutions/
  11. More details would be helpful in learning what you need it to do? And Carl is trying to get the site back up for UStrap so you could always wait for it.
  12. Adding a preview video so people can see, hear the style and voice used within videos would be a good addition to the sales page. Some training I've gotten in the past its been hard to hear voices clearly. or recording being blurry. Specially with a mid ticket price tag on the training.
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