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  1. Other things to check https://www.wpbeginner.com/wp-tutorials/how-to-fix-the-401-error-in-wordpress-solutions/
  2. More details would be helpful in learning what you need it to do? And Carl is trying to get the site back up for UStrap so you could always wait for it.
  3. Adding a preview video so people can see, hear the style and voice used within videos would be a good addition to the sales page. Some training I've gotten in the past its been hard to hear voices clearly. or recording being blurry. Specially with a mid ticket price tag on the training.
  4. Must be on a European ip address, thats due to gdpr, and has to be clicked to consent. from the US we don't have the consent screen as gdpr is not forced here
  5. updated image on original post, see the new sales page on https://exbrowser.net
  6. Because this thread was bumped im seeing it. If its still an issue for the OP, please use the chat option on www.exbrowser.net for support.
  7. It works with latest Multilogin 5 Have a personal client that uses it in all of his software(s) that i've built him.
  8. If i lived by that standard i wouldnt have been in business the last 12 years, making and selling automation software totaling more than a million dollars in sales. Educate your customers and there is no issues.
  9. I suggest Nicks training courses over at https://elitebotters.com/product-category/courses/
  10. After quite a few requests we have decided to add a Yearly package for Exbrowser to the site. if you currently have a monthly, when it comes time, cancel that subscription and you can renew on the monthly subscription. With yearly you will get a savings of 1 month. Details can be found at https://exbrowser.net
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