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  1. I really support it, cheers bro... I'm waiting for an update 😄
  2. yes but not complete when complete please give us a notification as soon as possible thanks
  3. I just saw : Automaxed.com I'm very interested, and how it goes? are video tutorials available? I really support this.
  4. I want to buy a plugin similar to UStrap , Does anyone have it ?
  5. Lokal pc / any pc work https://prnt.sc/wmnzjq Vps/Rdp Loading proccess , the bot doesn't work at all, https://prnt.sc/wmo0l8 On my vps server installed Microsoft Visual with various versions, still not working I have also installed various versions of netframwork, too I deleted% appdata% so that the bot re-downloads the files it needs, it still can't UBOT developer version 6 to 6.3.7 any suggestions? please help me if you read this topic ....
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