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  1. UBot maintains its own python installation. It's unclear why this error is happening to some people and not others, but it can be fixed by opening a command line and entering the following: "%appdata%\UBot Studio\python\scripts\pip.exe" install urllib3==1.26.6
  2. Hi This is a known issue. We're working on getting it fixed.
  3. Can you explain more about what you're doing? From the screenshot, it looks like you're installing files, and it can't overwrite files that are already there, probably because they're in use.
  4. The new browser is a major departure from the previous browser, and we're still working through all the idiosyncrasies involved with website compatibility etc. We're still looking for a solution for the google blocks. If the chrome browser is sticking, it's probably because it's fighting with other open chrome browsers. This can happen, for instance, if UBot Studio doesn't shut down properly. Here's a tool that will clean up rogue processes: https://ubotstudio.com/files/ubot_cleaner.exe Choosing the option to clean up chrome processes will fix the problem you're seeing, but note
  5. I love seeing this innovation and experimentation!
  6. Great stuff! But you can run python without a plugin in the Dev and Enterprise Editions.
  7. How to Switch to the Installed Chrome Browser Switching to the Installed Chrome browser is easy: From the main screen in UBot Studio, click the Tools menu, and select Options. Under General Options, click the drop-down labeled “Browser.” Select “Installed Chrome.” Click OK. Restart UBot Studio.
  8. Hi Regarding the stability of the latest version - I'm not aware of any major stability issues, and if you face any when using it, let me know and I'll get them fixed ASAP. Enterprise Edition works on a subscription basis. The license you have now is valid forever, so even if you cancel your Enterprise subscription at some point, you'll still have access to all the Developer features. Hope this helps
  9. Update: special keys are now implemented in 6.7.21.
  10. I spent some time looking into this, and sadly, there's no simple fix for it. In fact, fixing it might take a major overhaul project. I'm going to further evaluate how widespread the issue is, but for the time being, we're gonna have to take the L, and say that the bard website isn't compatible with UBot. However, implementing the API might be pretty straightforward, if there's interest in it.
  11. This isn't an error that we're seeing over here, so we're going to have to guess and check a little. What I'd like you to do is open a command line (type cmd from the start menu) and past the following: Close and reopen UBot Studio and try it again. Let me know if this works, so we can use this for other people who have the same issue.
  12. Unfortunately, there's no clean way to use your main profile without introducing other issues. But the settings shouldn't be gone when you restart. You should be able to log into your Google account just once and all your settings should be there. Did you go to Tools > Options, and change the browser to "Installed Chrome"?
  13. Hey! Exciting times, isn't it? 😄 First, let me share a tutorial with you that demonstrates the ChatGPT API: https://network.ubotstudio.com/blog/ubot-studio-unleashes-ai-power-for-irresistible-youtube-titles-and-descriptions/ At the bottom there's a code example. If that doesn't work, could you share your code with me? Make sure you don't include your API key. Let's get you up and running!
  14. Can you tell me more context for what you're trying to do? Google has some pretty strong anti-bot protection when it comes to the login screen. The previous browser didn't load at all. It looks like the they've rigged it so that the only way to login is to manually type into the fields. The Windows commands will work, but they can be a bit clunky. If you're automating stuff within your own account, this shouldn't be an issue, because you can just login once and you'll be logged in forever. If that's not the case, then if you give me an idea of what you're doing, I can tr
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