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  1. Thanks for having created Ubot Studio and maintaining it till today 🤖 🥳

  2. Hey guys Just wanted to give you all an update. I've done a lot of research now and looked at various solutions. The problem is that Google started doing this as a safety measure against literally anything that isn't a standard chrome/firefox/edge window, trying to address some vulnerability that they had. This even includes automation frameworks like selenium, which open an actual chrome/firefox/edge window to automate. Google can apparently tell when you're using any form of automation, and responds by blocking the login. This, unfortunately, means there's not much we can do.
  3. Thanks for this! This is an artifact of the internet trying to upgrade security protocols faster than some computers are able to keep up. The next version will have a workaround implemented so this error stops happening.
  4. Wow, you're amazing! I've been working on this for days and was no closer to a solution. The interesting thing is, UBot Studio is distributed with msvcp. It's possible that we're tied to an older version and the new browser is looking for a new version. I'll have to dig in a little deeper so that I can figure out exactly what's missing in the distribution. In the meantime, I'm glad we have a temporary workaround while I fiddle with distribution files. I know this issue has been stressing some people out. Especially me!
  5. Hi This claim is incorrect. We released a big update in mid-November, and we have another currently in beta testing. We stopped communicating future plans because of too much negative feedback we got when our developers needed longer than expected, or when beta testing ran long. We found it was a lot better to complete a project before letting people know what we're working on. Sorry if our dev cycles run long for your taste, dev is a complicated process and doing it right doesn't happen over night. Personally, I'd be really happy if some of my favorite apps released big updates every 3 mo
  6. Hey Guys! Haha yeah, we haven't really used the forum news section in a while. I guess we should either close it or update it! As for marketing - we just finished a huge blackhatworld promo! Let me assure you, we aren't dying, and we have a lot of things in the works. Sorry to hear that the updates we've done haven't been what you wanted, but understand that we're assessing the needs of all our users, and providing features to add value to the largest section of our user base. We wish we could incorporate every feature request, but ultimately we need to carefully choose what gets added
  7. Yes, any stability issues with the new browser are our #1 priority. If you are facing bugs, you feedback could be crucial in getting the issue fixed for everyone. As it is, we have no reproducible bug reports, and thus can only assume that any issues are user/system specific. If you can create a ticket and give us information about specific reproducible bugs, we will fix it as quickly as possible. Thanks!
  8. Within a few years of launching UBot Studio, it became very clear how important the UBot Community was (and is). The brilliance and creativity I saw from within our ranks is what inspired me to create the plugin system. Since then, we’ve had users create over 50 plugins for sale and offer dozens of other free plugins. This proved everything I believed about the UBot Community, and goes to show how popular the API has become. Using the API comes with two simple options: Free Paid What’s the difference between Free and Paid? Paid simply means you are going to build a plugin that you own, and pla
  9. I'll tell you what I love about this. For a lot of people starting out, the big question is "how do I make as much money as I possibly can without really doing anything?" And there's nothing inherently wrong with wanting to make money. What people forget is that all money that flows through the economy has to ultimately be traced back to something of value. It's easy to get caught up in the money making fun of it all and forget that we ultimately need to be providing people with something of real value. Everything the OP mentioned is full of value creation, and I see a lot of success in his fu
  10. Just so there's no confusion, what zap is referring to is the fact that we moderate our forum, to keep it clear of people who spam, derail, attack others, start flame wars etc. General negativity is certainly discouraged (I mean, in general human discourse), but we don't delete posts just because we disagree with someone.
  11. Thanks for the support! To answer the OP's question, UBot Studio 5.5 onward is at least as stable as 4.2, but with a lot of new features. The browser crashing has long since been taken care of (meaning that when the browser crashes it will no longer crash the rest of UBot Studio). I don't know anything about a JSON bug, but if it is still a problem in the new browser engine, simply report it to our bug tracker and we'll get it fixed. If you're still nervous about upgrading, Edward's suggestion should cover all bases. Keep UBot Studio 4 around in case there are any backward compatibility
  12. I've been programming since I was 8 years old. I've used a bunch of languages, including all the ones you mentioned. I've learned a few hard lessons along. But before I offer any advice, a few questions: Why are your choices limited to those? What do you plan to do with programming?I'd like to make correction to something you said - that java and javascript are similar. From a distance, they look similar, but they're actually extremely different. I could go through the specific differences, but in short, writing java code will take you several times longer than writing javascript, and javasc
  13. If juicehunter is talking about what I think he's talking about (and yes we can read what he's saying), then what he intends to do is not only against TOS, it's also illegal. The issue is that uscript and vb.net are disparate languages, and the only way to make them compatible would be to manipulate UBot and repackage it as your own. But I'll do you one better. In the upcoming release of UBot Studio Developer Edition, you can compile bots into command line only tools. That means that you can run a uBot as a hidden process, allowing you to seamlessly integrate it into vb.net or any other win
  14. Thanks, I really appreciate that. I built pretty much this entire version with my own two hands. After deconstructing what worked and didn’t work in 5, I went through and created 5.5, and it’s been great improving it up to 5.8.5. It's been a labor of love. And hate. And yelling at the computer at 3am, but mostly love.
  15. Sorry guys, programmers are notoriously bad at estimating release dates, and UBot Stealth is no exception. The UBot Browser is crucial to UBot Studio, and is understandably difficult to replace. We have a term for this in the biz - we call it unit testing, or integration testing in this case. I even wrote a couple blogs on it, here and here. We do have a test suite here to make sure the commands work. Maintaining a test suite to log into specific websites would be harder to maintain, only because websites are prone to change, and the scripts would have to constantly be kept up to date.
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