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  1. I think you must be mistaken something here. We have multiple users who can confirm that it "works like a charm".
  2. Did you also try with Automaxed Plugin? It works.
  3. As Automaxed is in the plugin development space, my opinions may be preoccupied. That's why I rather wait for other users to put their opinions here.
  4. There are different ways to use ChatGPT with UBot. I could show you one or two ways how to do it https://automaxed.com/support
  5. Hi @MMD, could you open a ticket, explaining how you get to this error here https://automaxed.com/support Please include the version of UBot you are using, the version of Chrome you have installed, the browser plugin version you use and which command(s) you used.
  6. It is because of bot detection. However, with the automaxed browser plugin it works. There is even a free community version (just the free version won't allow to compile). There is no other easy way as of my knowledge. What you try to do requires either a advanced solution or a work-around. The Automaxed browser plugin is a advanced solution.
  7. New Version Released ( - Built-in Anti Detection Mode - Tested and compatible with UBot Studio 5.9.55 - performance improvements How to update If you already have a plugin license: 1. download the latest plugin version: https://automaxed.com/download-browser-automation-latest 2. delete old driver from your computer by running this BAT file: https://wiki.automaxed.com/webdriver-dl/current/remove_old_driver.bat How to get plugin If you don't have a plugin license yet, get one here: https://automaxed.com/plugins/browser-automation How to activate
  8. It's a real game changer, promised. Expect the release within 3 days. Cheers!
  9. No more getting blocked! That's right! Getting blocked by Websites? No more! We know how frustrating it can be automating an important business process and in the middle of it realizing that you also need to automate the browser for the process and it is getting blocked 😱😱😱 Today we are excited to announce that the Automaxed browser automation plugin can solve that issue for you! Say goodbye to getting blocked!!! 🚀 This plugin upgrade will be released in only a few days from now! Stay tuned!
  10. The most advanced browser automation plugin for UBot Studio - How to use Chrome Browser Automation Tutorial (Getting Started) Chrome Browser Automation Tutorial (Element Interaction) Chrome Browser Automation Tutorial (Command Line Switches) Chrome Browser Automation Tutorial (Load Browser Extension) If you purchased a plugin license and have any further questions, you can always reach out to the Automaxed support: https://automaxed.com/support
  11. Version - Solid web licensing system built with laravel for self-hosting - Powerful licensing plugin to protect compiled bots - Compatible with UBot Studio 6.7.12 and 5.9.55 - Activity monitor and security features - Real-time control of licensed bots - Bulk Import & Export feature - Expiry dates for licenses
  12. Powerful Bot Licensing System including Plugin and Web Application for Self-Hosting Take control of your compiled bots with a solid licensing system for UBot! The Automaxed bot licensing system consists of a plugin and a professional Laravel web application to restrict access to your bots effectively and anytime. You can enable and disable licenses in real-time, set expiry dates, limit the use of your bots to a certain amount of computers, and more! Start licensing your compiled applications today! Check it out: https://automaxed.com/plugins/bot-licensing
  13. @Lombi Please send me your email address used for the ticket system per DM.
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