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  1. Yes, that's right. The developer versions of all Automaxed Plugins work as maBOT described.
  2. I would recommend switching or declaring the user agent string just before the browser connect command. Thank you. Have a nice weekend as well.
  3. Thanks for leaving your feedback! We just updated the plugin recently to support chrome 108 now (latest version) and we will update it quickly in the future as soon new major chrome versions are released. Also we have some more updates to announce soon for a few of our essential Automaxed plugins. If you want to stay updated about recent changes and developments I highly recommend to subscribe here: https://automaxed.com/newsletter Have great day!
  4. @Misha i have no video example showing muti threading atm.
  5. In the compile options page 2 you can change the URL for compiled bots. You may even try to set it to "#" only.
  6. I would try with the browser plugin (free starter version available): https://automaxed.com/plugins/browser-automation
  7. Version Yes! We just updated the browser automation plugin, fixed the browser path command and added support for chrome version 107.0.5304.88 (latest) by default! Just download the plugin again from here: https://wiki.automaxed.com/browser-automation/getting-started/plugin-installation New Plugin Version is:
  8. It depends on the plugins you are using. With Automaxed Plugins the activation needs to be included in every project. https://wiki.automaxed.com/data-and-files-automation/getting-started/license-activation You always need to activate your license to ensure that the plugin works. It is best practice to put the “Set License” command inside an “on load” command, so the license gets activated on program startup automatically. It does not necessarily need to be inside an "on load" command but the license activation command needs to be executed at least once inside each project in whi
  9. From now on the weekly scheduled server backup / reboot happens on early Monday mornings, 4 am (MST / GMT -7). Means that most of you will have more time developing on Sundays. Hope you all will like this adjustment. Updated also the general info here:
  10. Sorry guys, it may take a little bit longer this time. Seems some bad actors hitting hard against the infrastructure. Experts are already hard at work to resolve everything. Please be patient. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  11. Same here. Just notified the maintenance team. Should be up again quite soon.
  12. https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/ubotsupportfiles/5.9.55+Setup.msi
  13. Hello. When you start the software and it asks you for your username and password, one needs to use the same exact email address that the license belongs to. Case sensitive.
  14. You can try with the socket commands of this plugin to handle such requests also https://automaxed.com/plugins/network-automation Just in case. $socket request is what I typically use. Not 100% sure if it solves your issue but can be tried.
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