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  1. I’m just finally getting around to checking this thread and starting to read about some me of the updates. but I have not seen anything related to the stability of the current version and I see that there is a new pricing plan in place and I’m wondering how that effects those of us with developers license that may be considering upgrading?
  2. How is UBot these days? I own the developer version in the last truly stable version 5.9 but have not used it for several years but since the advancement in chat artificial intelligence it may become something that I might want to invest time in again. are the new versions stable or buggy? is the development community still active come on bitters what’s the story?
  3. just upgraded to the latest version and i cant save my code
  4. did you solve this issue? if not can you link the page?
  5. how do you visibly see the bot to ensure that things are running correctly ?
  6. can we do this in the forum? this info could be helpful to others. 1) hats the minimum requirements 2) what kind of life span before bot crash? 3) are you running ubot browser or xbrowser? 4 ) how do you test to ensure that things are running correctly
  7. I want to rebuild and run some scrapers on a windows host and am looking for someone experienced in this envirionment
  8. not xpath this is a regex problem (?<=Current Tax Levy.*)[\$0-9,.\n]* =================================== plugin command("ExBrowser.dll", "ExBrowser Launcher", "Chrome", "", $plugin function("ExBrowser.dll", "$ExBrowser Use Portable Browser", "Chrome"), "NO") plugin command("ExBrowser.dll", "ExBrowser Navigate", "https://www.dallasact.com/act_webdev/dallas/showdetail2.jsp?can=00000542731000000&ownerno=0") set(#the text,$plugin function("ExBrowser.dll", "$ExBrowser Document Text"),"Global") set(#the_current_tax_levy,$plugin function("Advanced Data Text File.dll", "$trim 2", $find r
  9. is version 6 stable yet?
  10. use xpath to scrape the block of data that has all the info loop thru each block and parse out the data you need and the save each each variable and repeat until done.
  11. question what online editor are you trying?
  12. http://ubotstudio.com/ http://support.ubotstudio.com/ these urls work again, looks like things are working their way back
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