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  1. is anyone else getting this error since chatgpt's service upgrades? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c5iSE_aQhjU
  2. has anyonaie dealt with this error when attemting to connect with open? "error occurred while making api request: the request was aborted : could not create ssl/tls secure channel
  3. rchased the program and i am trying to use openai chat program and am getting this error please explain this chat gpt error message "error occurred while making api request: the request was aborted : could not create ssl/tls secure channel
  4. The debugger shows no data. no list no variables nothing Has UBot changed something? using version 6.7.23
  5. doing a fresh install and im getting this error the underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a send. this is the error logs 2024-04-07 09:04:03: Error downloading file C:\Users\stanf\AppData\Roaming\UBot Studio\Browser\6.1.8\6.1.8.zip: System.Net.WebException: The request was aborted: Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel. at System.Net.HttpWebRequest.EndGetResponse(IAsyncResult asyncResult) at System.Net.WebClient.GetWebResponse(WebRequest request, IAsyncResult result) at System.Net.WebClient.DownloadBitsResponseCallback(IAsyncRe
  6. how does this plugin handle googles secured browser check ?
  7. the latest version using the option to use chrome loaded on my machine
  8. the compiled bot does not launch properly , I get a browser window and this error message
  9. i don't believe no one stepping up to python
  10. I’m just beginning my journey into Python im in the variables and list operations stage of my journey, and I’d like to understand how to pass data back and forth from UBot to Python and back again. thanks for reading
  11. I understand that. what do you suggest that is this Natalies on the machine when installing either 5.9 or 6.7 like net 4.5 ( or it equivalent , I believe the latest release is net 6.0) and Visual Basic releas (?) any suggestions I’ve reached out to the automaxed plug-in people but after 2 days I’ve yet to hear from them
  12. Who uses automated plugins? i have some questions.
  13. I have no idea. this is a new laptop windows11 installed UBot 5.9 net 4.5 installed Visual Basic 64 installed automax plugins installed Am browser automation Am data& files automation amdata base automation am desktop automation am dialogs extention am document automation am email automation am images automation am network automation am os automation am time and date automation am UBot extention 1 & 2 am video automation am apps automation 5.9 would not compile First thought was 5.
  14. Why? this has been an ongoing issue with with this install even before the addition of automax plugins
  15. Brand new laptop, windows 11 downgraded to windows 10 there is literally nothing else installed on the computer installed UBot 6.7 did a small two line bot and it compiled started in stalling plug-ins by automaxed got five installed and it would not compile anymore shutdown ubot rebooted the computer Now the drop down menu es do not populate HELP please
  16. Fresh reinstall of UBot 5.9-55 will not compile will not start to compile let it sit for an hour and nothing happens
  17. stanf


    Who has a decent plug-in for captchas?
  18. Small problem fresh computer (win11) latest chrome download chrome doesn’t launch firefox launches fine
  19. My hard drive just crashed so u need to set up my system again were can i redownload versions that I have paid for
  20. I’m just finally getting around to checking this thread and starting to read about some me of the updates. but I have not seen anything related to the stability of the current version and I see that there is a new pricing plan in place and I’m wondering how that effects those of us with developers license that may be considering upgrading?
  21. How is UBot these days? I own the developer version in the last truly stable version 5.9 but have not used it for several years but since the advancement in chat artificial intelligence it may become something that I might want to invest time in again. are the new versions stable or buggy? is the development community still active come on bitters what’s the story?
  22. just upgraded to the latest version and i cant save my code
  23. did you solve this issue? if not can you link the page?
  24. how do you visibly see the bot to ensure that things are running correctly ?
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