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  2. I am new to uBot, but not new to JS, PHP and scraping with dom html. What I'm trying to do seems simple in uBot, yet I'm having a tough time with it. The built-in table scrape works fine (entire table dumps to a *.csv super easily and quickly) - but that doesn't scale well for what I need. Here is the basic outline; in my script I connect to a mysql database and retrieve a url and a target_id. so lets say I'm scraping target_id #15, - uBot will store "15" in a "id" variable and navigate to www.webaddress.com/details.php?item=123456789. On that page is a small table - about 10 rows total,
  3. Last week
  4. thanks for your response! Unfortunately, I can't get it to work 🤷‍♂️ but since it is getting worse and worse with ubot, i have already started to rebuild all my programs in python.... i was stuck in the whole email process in python so i thought it would be easier here - but as the devs seem to don't care anymore i have to get the hard way with python ...
  5. I can confirm this doesn't work. The solution is to loop while the downloaded index doesn't = new emails, to continually update the index. If an email is deleted you will need to rebuild the index to the date of the last email you saved.
  6. yes, just scrape the objects which appear when you scroll and compare list size before scroll and after scroll - if after the scroll and scrape you have same list, then no new items appear after the scroll so no point to scroll again.
  7. Hi Guys! Could you help me with an ideea, how can i stop a loop if javascript scrolldown is ended? I am talking about this window.scrollTo(0,document.body.scrollHeight); I have a loop that i give a value=100, to scroll to the page and collect some information. I have a problem when some pages have 10scrolls, and some have 100scrolls. There is any way to stop and go to next navigation, if the scroll is ended, or if listtotal is the same value for 2 times? Thank you!
  8. it seems the "create table from emails" command is not working since the new update it was working before but since the update it shows me the following error: (see screenshot) do you have similar issues?
  9. I've been using 6.3.7 and the debugger is showing data, and list functions are working. Didn't have issues compiling or running compiled bots. Clear Data command and Clear Variables button in the debugger doesn't always work even though the debugger shows everything has been cleared... and for some reason it always shows a couple rows of data left in tables that are really 100% empty. I'm seeing more errors in bots that reuse variable/table/list names and I'm guessing this has something to do with it. So far the only way around it is to reboot ubot and start over. The connect to gmail co
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  11. just curious what the purpose of the wait(.1) is?
  12. Possible to have a image collage maker built into this plugin? Command i foresee allows to select a %ListName This list contains full path to all images Set save to path to .JPG Creates image with the list of file path images from list to the save to file.
  13. Yea nothing works; been waiting weeks for a solution. What was the last version that worked and its download url?
  14. I have the same issue on version 6.37... no nodes... cant find exbrowser or pash... plugins all fak'd... wah'm?
  15. Can UBOT work with binance?
  16. I have tried digitally signing ubot compiled bots... but after signing the .exe doesnt open .
  17. Lokal pc / any pc work https://prnt.sc/wmnzjq Vps/Rdp Loading proccess , the bot doesn't work at all, https://prnt.sc/wmo0l8 On my vps server installed Microsoft Visual with various versions, still not working I have also installed various versions of netframwork, too I deleted% appdata% so that the bot re-downloads the files it needs, it still can't UBOT developer version 6 to 6.3.7 any suggestions? please help me if you read this topic ....
  18. Check the Ubot Studio install folder in your %appdata% directory. There's a ubot_log.txt file that can help indicate what your Ubot install is getting stuck on. Also, try running Ubot "as administrator" next time you launch it and see if that changes anything.
  19. shows "Starting Ubot" fresh install, wibdows defender disable, firewall disable
  20. Try to use once in external Browser with the help of exbrowser or in new version if options available because i am using exb plugin not latest version of ubot and in mostly site this works very fine.
  21. I tried the UBot change file field command and got the results shown in this video. Don't know what I could be doing wrong...if I manually click all works but not with UBot. 2nd UBot File Selection Issue.mp4
  22. Do I use that command to click the button to open the dialog? I have tried it and it flashes and goes back to the same screen waiting for the click...no file or name.
  23. with exb, I actually first navigate referral url and stay for few seconds and navigate to main url
  24. with ubot browser, use change file field command with exbrowser, use Exbrowser Change File Field command It works
  25. I have attached a short video showing what I am having issues with. Please know I appreciate any help you might can give! Blessings, Jerryr UBot File Selection Issue.mp4
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