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  1. TJ's Exbrowser plugin is worth subscription, he has the best service and great technique.
  2. Hi,Mates,My AppData\Roaming\UBot Studio\Python Standard Library is empty, I have tried several version as above, and still empty, is anybody could help to share, thanks!!
  3. Personally not interested in any plugin need subscription.
  4. as said,if you have please share your experience,thank!
  5. thanks for update, but this not working for file shortcut, the file shortcut on desktop should be like: filename.lnk you can right click on a file and click add shortcut to desk to check.
  6. exe also not working, and how to use for txt and html file?
  7. create app shortcut not working correct.
  8. hi,pash,text file encoding command not working. i have to use notepad++ to convert.
  9. alert($find regular expression($find regular expression($plugin function("ExBrowser.dll", "$ExBrowser Document Text"),"Total Amount Due\\:[\\w\\W]*?<br>"),"\\$[\\d,.]+")) use regex
  10. yes, like a kid, today say $147 lifetime update, and tomorrow no, buy or not up to you, haha
  11. anyone success in using proxy in exbrowser firefox?
  12. thanks pash, could you consider add the follow function: left x strings right x strings get x line from the bottom of content/list thank!
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