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  1. Anyone else have this problem? The update has made Ubot run real slooooooow, even after rebooting Windows. So annoying.
  2. Anyone figured out how to do this? I can get into YT using the external browser, but despite lots of trial and error and inspecting elements, I can't find a way to automate clicking the comment reply button. Any ideas?
  3. OK here's the latest weirdness after reinstalling Ubot 6.7.7 I decided to write a short script to demonstrate the issue: clear list(%test) add list to list(%test,$list from text(#TextArea0,$new line),"Don\'t Delete","Global") alert($list item(%test,0)) Note that the TextArea box looks a bit weird - it should fill the header area, not be partially obscured by the browser bar. But anyway... After running: After running in Code View mode, the alert gives the correct answer, but the content of the TextArea box gets partially deleted. But when I run the script i
  4. Well tried all that - nothing worked, so I decided to uninstall Ubot, download a fresh package and start again. All good except the licence server is down so I can't start the program. And I can't send a support request email. Jeez, this is so frustrating - what a shambles. (I've no idea why anyone would trust Seth and his pals to programmatically trade their crypto - I wouldn't let them anywhere near it!)
  5. Thanks, and yes, set to Global. Trying the updated version of Ubot 6.7.7 to see if that makes any difference... Maybe an installation issue. Will report back.
  6. Thx - tried that - use newline as delimiter and still doesn't work. Set setting to Global - nothing. Reboot and try again (because Ubot is sensitive to errors) - nothing. Set variable to TextArea and nothing. So frustrating when Ubot fails to work like it used to. Nothing I do can pull in data from the TextArea.
  7. I have been a Ubot user for years, and came back to it recently. I now find I can't create a list from list of text in a TextArea box. I'm using this code (where the list is called "URLs"): add list to list(%URLs,$list from object(#TextArea0),"Don\'t Delete","Global") And the error message is saying this isn't supported in my version of Ubot (standard) - but I'm sure I've done this loads of time in the past with earlier versions. Currently using 6.7.6. If this doesn't work, how can I create a list from text that's entered into a TextArea box?
  8. Having the same issue - this is one hokey piece of software...
  9. I have Ubot std version 6.3.9 and have been used my script to control a Windows app to collect a variable on my desktop. So far, I have saved the variable onto the clipboard, but how do I get it into a Ubot variable? (There are some old threads on here that go through some options but most are very old and the links are dead.) If I could paste the variable into a text window in the browser I could then scrape it and convert it that way, but I can't even paste. The type text function has options for key down and key up, so presumably I could use Ctrl+C, but that doesn't seem to w
  10. I'm utterly frustrated: the UI editor used to be a great way to build really functional bots. Load up variables in text boxes, set up labels to show progress during execution etc. None of this seems to work any more: I can't transfer variables from textboxes into programs, and I can't set labels as the bot executes. I have no clue as to what to do now, apart from downgrade my version of Ubot. Am I missing something? Is there a setting that magically gets the UI working again?
  11. Right - I agree to a point but having "upgraded" to what was promised to be a huge improvement over the old v5 Ubot, I'm now reluctant to go back to v5 and spend more money on Exbrowser when what really needs to happen is that the Ubot team need to fix the bugs!
  12. Thanks - that's helpful. 5.9.55 was my starting point before I updated to v6, and the reason I updated was the Chrome browser emulator was starting to trigger warnings on lots of websites, to the point it wasn't much use. Reading my frequent emails from Seth, if I didn't know better, I'd be led to think this was a solid and stable product. In reality it's far from it.
  13. I updated my old 5 version software a while ago and had hoped that the newer version would be more stable. Unfortunately it seems worse by a country mile: Script errors often require a program reboot, whereas before this was quite unusual. I always reboot the program now after a script error for safety's sake. Some things don't seem to work at all: setting a dropdown for example: the program always selects the first item in the list regardless of what has been selected in the UI. Also - changing Labels in the UI as the program proceeds doesn't seem possible any more.
  14. I've just updated from Ubot 5 to Ubot 6.3.9 and there's some unexpected behaviour I can't seem to resolve. I can't change the value of a label in the UI frame: set(#Label3,"starting...","Global") ...doesn't do anything. In Ubot v5 when you created an element in the UI, its ID appeared in the parameters list, but this isn't happening in v6, which is an inconvenience, but not the end of the world. I use labels in the UI to provide information about how the script is progressing, so this not working is a major problem. Is it only me, or is this a known problem? Thanks
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