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  1. I have tried digitally signing ubot compiled bots... but after signing the .exe doesnt open .
  2. What about browser extentsion function? Its not launching browser when we add that option. And also see why developer mode or extension is not getting disabled.
  3. 1- load browser extention is not working, when i add it then browser never launches 2- disable info bars not working , both old and experimental commands 3- cannot disable developer mode in chrome. please can you see these issues.
  4. Hi nick, Why plugins versions are not Displayed as they were in Ubot Launcher 1? it was very good feature to keep track of what versions are used to compare with other files thanks
  5. Please HELP exb plugin v1.3.2.6 + ff portable 56.0.3 (currently using with success) :- With this combination the browser stuck sometime on some servers. exb plugin v1.3.2.7 + ff portable 62.0.3 :- Pasting typing commands not working exb plugin v1.3.2.8 + ff portable 63.0.1 : - Pasting typing commands not working- ff portable 63.0.1 not available to download Thanks.
  6. New Exbrowser is not supporting these commands: Exbrowser Move Mouse ExBrowser Open New Browser Window ExBrowser Open New Browser Tab ExBrowser Close visible Browser Tab ExBrowser Bring Browser To Focus ExBrowser Focus new Window or Tab ExBrowser Double Click Now Using exb V and FF 56.0.1 (32-bit). Before that we were using exb V and FF 47.0.1 (32-bit).And all commands were running finely.
  7. I always use FF portable 46 ... which is best for me so far .. most of the users do the same ... so please don't remove ever and thanks for update. I will check it with my codes and will give feedback. will this new update work with latest FF normal browser and portable browser?
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