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  1. Hello can anyone tell me how to cancel ubot subscription. I cant submit a support ticket because their system is not working.
  2. Yep i'm having the same problems I'm trying to run some scripts created in ubot 4 and 5 and they will not run in ubot 6 the GUI is all the hell. you cant click certain check boxes you run the script and it just skips the whole process and says done wow lol. Please fix
  3. The support page at support.ubotstudio is not displaying correctly the css is not displaying and the image captcha is not showing either. Is here a different link where we can submit support tickets ? Thanks
  4. I am getting error when running your code. What does this mean and is there a fix ? Edit:This has been fixed please ignore.
  5. is ubot server i cant log in ?
  6. Aymen is no longer providing support for http post plugin time to move on if any errors or problems are wrong.
  7. Hello how can i get the new updated script i paid for this script. Thanks Transaction ID: 75909369KA4529056
  8. this plugin is not working like its suppose to i did everything correct uploaded the correct .php file testing both dbc and 2captcha and for the most part either there not selecting the correct images or none at all. I think this plugin may need to be updated. thanks
  9. sent payment Transaction ID 75909369KA4529056 THANKS
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