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  1. Does this work well with multi-threading? Im having some issues with it and can't tell if its a code error or the plugin doesn't work well with multiple threads.
  2. Those Facebook and Twitter logins use OAuth to login through their API's. There are no passwords given. Its secure. https://dev.twitter.com/oauth
  3. Do you know if it solves the 16 box captchas and the captchas where it asks to keep clicking the images until there are none left of a certain image?
  4. Error most likely means you are missing something. Do you have the free captcha plugin installed? What about the HTTP post plugin?
  5. 1 - You need to have the advanced image plugin and HTTP plugin (stated in the sales letter); 2 - Only excepting Paypal at this time. Just shoot payment over to the email address listed in the sales letter. 3 - Yep it clicks on the boxes. 4 - $20 as stated in the sales letter. Hope this clears things up. Haven't had a chance to dive into the 16 box captcha. If I do I'll update the thread.
  6. Yep it states everything clearly in the sales letter. You may not have the latest version of the source code. Shoot me a PM with your email and i'll send it to you.
  7. Use the HTTP post plugin. Scrapebox doesn't use headless browsing it uses just HTTP requests.
  8. Ok gotcha! Can you give me a website that is consistently showing the 16 box captcha? Im not running across it enough to be noticeable on my end.
  9. As it states in the sales letter the source code is for educational purposes. Its not meant to be a plugin that is constantly updated. Its to teach you how you can integrate solving of the new Google captcha into your bots. Any modifications you need can be easily done. Thats the purpose of this. It shows how the solving can be done, then modify and tweak to your needs. If you need tweaks to 2Captcha, just add them into the code yourself. You have full control of the code.
  10. Yep that will work. You can replace the image resizing no problem. Hey guys the last version I had a mistake in setting one of the folders for the captcha. I have fixed the new version.
  11. Will try and send updates out tomorrow. I realized the last update had a code error I need to fix. Should be done soon.
  12. Most of the strictest detection is done through javascript. Some sites have javascript code detecting whether the text, clicks ect... being sent are actually real or are artificial. uBot is easy to detect as artificial even if you do mouse overs, focus and things like that. Thats what ive found at least.
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