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  1. Hi, If you want to learn python and build bots, I will mentor and guide you to learn python and build bots using it. This course is for absolute beginners and those who have ubot knowledge. What's included in coaching Strings Lists Dictionaries Pandas(handle csv, excel sheets) Selenium(browser automation) Requests(HTTP GET, POST) Tkinter(UI design) Multiprocessing(multithreading) Tkinter + Multiprocessing Python code to .exe My coaching start from the basics and the coaching continues until you get good knowledge in it, this is
  2. 😁😁 😁😁 😁😁 😁😁
  3. Seems like ubot come to an end without pash plugins
  4. with exb, I actually first navigate referral url and stay for few seconds and navigate to main url
  5. with ubot browser, use change file field command with exbrowser, use Exbrowser Change File Field command It works
  6. Python - its easy to learn..I love it..
  7. Using py selenium + ubot, it was fast and i see no crashes
  8. navigate to stackoverflow.com and use your google account to login..Thats it..
  9. Create a custom project (web.de account creator tool) with python selenium + ubot selenium python is good and fast
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