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  1. any update on the toggle
  2. 1. As you see in the image, i want the progress bar with values to be adjacent to the text. I reckon this was done using list view, list view contains text and each text has proggress bar with values, is this something we can do with list view with ultimate UI
  3. i want the togggle switch metro datagrid to be like this but im not able to do add this in the final ubot LOAD XAML UI. In that it ends up looking like another toggle switch, like the one you show in the training video. this is the code i used and although in xaml UI it shows exactly like this the windows 10 style toggle switch like the link of mahaapps below, in the final UI inside Uobt it shows like , like the one you show in the training video.which is the normal toggle switch and not windows 10 stylr <StackPanel Grid.Column="0" Margin="220,120
  4. Table To DataGrid has added properties which will break that command so you will need to update it thanks nick, does datagrid work with image cell now
  5. Hi drew I had the same issue and i have made the same workaroud. Nick said he will work on doing a table to datagrid with images as at the moment table to datagrid does not allow images to be used directly AS TABLE TO DATAGRID can only work with text column at the moment
  6. following things are not working in youtube basic info title, description, view count, like ,dislike
  7. wow timecop1983 is really cool, thanks for the share
  8. for the Change DataGrid Text Cell Value can we change the colour of the text as well. Because this helps in case we have a text that is in submission and then done, we can change the color to done to green to show the completion of the job.
  9. sorry what i meant was this as u mentioned it will work only with text columns as below, can the table to datagrid work with image column. Its ok if it cannot work with button column but if a update can be made to with table to datagrid image column then that would be great Update version 1.5 Added - Table To DataGrid (still experimental and likely will change) Fixed - Events not working correctly Note: Table To DataGrid will still require you to initialize the DataGrid. It will only work with text columns for now, so your entire DataGrid should be text columns to use this. This comman
  10. great update, if we do a table to datagrid, we cant add button element or images, will that be possible soon
  11. thanks for sharing story, i got ubot in 2013 and they had even the best customer support presales, and still today they are good, its a great tool and best community, the part of you what you want to give up,i would suggest continue with it and you will be glad you did
  12. this is s this is support link, few days ago my ticket worked fine. http://support.ubotstudio.com/index.php?/default_import&__cf_chl_jschl_tk__=3eec4669c9bb123929e2d59abbf67ee3b9a60fcb-1590935401-0-AROVoMJOHUIN3r-moErCJBnVjiu3oCuWAbiEf9U1ZrNJlCEmsOTF6boc0ArQf6VtH1SVzsXj20AKmCBVaPNz4AM4jbOzaY_jnpCdZeLL0wp7AQTJPlTbS5vRrYrQZ2w-YORXeV7KYQzzRL0Vr8eieVjGkzDcM68qsm4lawaOE9ZZ6Qph2UDhBWee8YOlsC3nxIZ9_2NPtEu9pJUkfUvH0X50emKgMY9YggI7StU_DJ2H4z0qWBDw-6Y6a30xVCgiBbpFu7YNmrSu0rvJ6iEdxgyoUSJfKuxrk3k5T52V2WEp16f-WM-g9xnK7CURbZekSA
  13. Is it possible to drag and drop stuff or only possible to do that in code behind in #C. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/framework/wpf/advanced/walkthrough-enabling-drag-and-drop-on-a-user-control
  14. If the Internet outage affecting the machine that's attempting to launch the stand-alone compiled application occurs once the support files have already started being downloaded, the "Downloading Support Files" window remains open with the green progress bar remaining stuck in place. I've tested allowing the Internet outage to continue for upwards of 15 minutes. Once Internet access is restored, the download did not resume and the green progress bar remained stuck in place. The compiled stand-alone application remains in the Task Manager in a perpetual "Loading..." state. so in case like thi
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