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  1. Damn... sad please give me a hint if the dev got a response for you 🙂
  2. hey do you guys know how to change the browser languege of the built-in browser (chrome 79) when i set "Accept-Language" in the "set header" command it is not working
  3. guys? Almost 2,000 views and nobody says anything about it? Have you at least checked it for yourself?
  4. BTW the folder is here to find: "AppData\Roaming\UBot Studio\nodejs library\crypto_data" and when you delete it, it will be generated again when you start ubot
  5. Note From The Admin: The crypto_data folder is used to store data about different tokens, defi exchanges, and liquidity pools. It's used only with the new enterprise commands. For instance, there's a file called "generated_coins.json". When you load a command like "swap tokens", the dropdowns for Token A and Token B are populated from that file. None of the data in the folder comes from the user, it all comes from either our servers or directly from the blockchain. There are no mining operations going on, and I assure you we are not scamming you. UBot Studio runs func
  6. When i use the "installed chrome" setting, the compiled bots are not working the exe files always crashes while "loading..." and then closes :-/ is this a known issue?
  7. thanks for your response! Unfortunately, I can't get it to work 🤷‍♂️ but since it is getting worse and worse with ubot, i have already started to rebuild all my programs in python.... i was stuck in the whole email process in python so i thought it would be easier here - but as the devs seem to don't care anymore i have to get the hard way with python ...
  8. it seems the "create table from emails" command is not working since the new update it was working before but since the update it shows me the following error: (see screenshot) do you have similar issues?
  9. none of my bots are working with the newest update 😶 is there any way to get one of the "older" ubot installer?
  10. Hey - i know that ubot studio is triggering the windows defender from time to time - but this seems to be a new Trojan Warning, when opening a compiled Bot and i would be greatful if someone could approve that is a known, ignorable warning with ubot studio i am afraid that maybe one of the external plugins could be infected or so... THANKS in advance! :-)
  11. Thanks! added all the registry stuff but stil cannot start ubot anymore after the update :-( deinstalled and installed again but always getting the following: " 2020-10-12 13:23:38: UBot Studio Starting Up2020-10-12 13:23:38: Start Core UI...2020-10-12 13:23:39: Loading Main Window...2020-10-12 13:23:39: Download Core Files...2020-10-12 13:23:39: Downloading base files2020-10-12 13:23:39: Initializing ubotbase2020-10-12 13:23:39: !!! An error happened while Loading Main Window: System.DllNotFoundException: Die DLL "UBotBase.dll": Das angegebene Modul wurde nicht gefunden. (Ausnahme von HRE
  12. yeah thanks! tried this one out, but it seems to be not possible to integrate Selenium with that...
  13. Hey hey! :-) Is it possible to run a python script (+Seleniem) with uBot Studio, so that i could integrate my python scripts with my uBot programs? Would be so nice to know Thanks!
  14. still not working - Does someone has a workaround for this?
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