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  1. I can get 5.9.55 to work SOMETIME, but 5.9.50, never, I havent tried using a 32bit only version of Win10. it has alway have bint 64bit
  2. updating to version 6 works but version 5 still stuck at starting splash screen
  3. shows "Starting Ubot" fresh install, wibdows defender disable, firewall disable
  4. any help on gettin ubot working, getting the same issue, stuck forever in StartUp screen
  5. I've tried a clean install of windows 7,8,8.1,10 with no updates, fresh from first boot, install and launch ubot, still stuck at starting ubot screen
  6. already did those steps still the same issue
  7. Already added to windows defender and firewall exclusion list Still the same problem stuck at " Starting Ubotrr Studio" Logo screen
  8. Not sure if its a internet issue Before I reformatted my pc Ubot was loading fine It only happened once I reformatted my system I have already tried 3 different versions of windows, 7-8-10
  9. The program gets pass the license validation part, it gets stuck at the "Starting UBot Studio" splash screen
  10. Same issue here, did you solve yours?
  11. Any advice? did a fresh windows install, not ubot is stuck at starting ubot windows 7 sp1, windows 8, 8.1, windows 10 stock, updated all still stuck vcc redist all installed .net 3.5 to 4.7 installed nothing is working
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