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  1. Hey there Ninja,

    Just got into UBot Underground and not seeing a lot of activity when I go to the leaderboard -- however I did find you and it looks like you were in the forum last month.

    Are you active with Ubot?  I need to knock out a solution and need some direction on which is the best path to get where I need to go.

    For instance... I need to navigate to eBay, enter an ID and then scrape the results into a CSV.
    Where I am uncertain how to loop through a bunch of ID's  (say 30 ID's) -- is how to add each screen full of scraped data -- into it's own row in a master CSV...

    Instinct tells me that this is a common task, yet I can't find any training tutorials that lay it out.
    Not really wanting to go down a dead end path -- so any light you can shed on this task... would be greatly appreciated!


    1. PRO


      You can load all ID's in a list and then loop through all elements.

      You can try and run this example:

      clear list(%urls)
      add list to list(%urls,$list from text("1,2,3,4,5",","),"Delete","Global")
      set(#counter_total,$list total(%urls),"Global")
      loop while($comparison(#counter_current,"< Less than",#counter_total)) {
          alert($list item(%urls,#counter_current))
      alert("Completed {#counter_current} items!")

  2. Hey Bud, Since we are in the crypto age now. Do you think its possible to integrate crypto payment to auto create license?
  3. Working google login source code. Watch the demo below https://youtu.be/9eUJc76IayY Features: No need to go to stackoverflow to login Will work on old or new google accounts No need to turn on allow less secure apps Will work on old or new version of exbrowser Learn new tricks on installing extensions for exbrowser Easily to integrate to your bot Can be used unlimited times to your bots Click here for more info
  4. Does your UI have lots of input forms? In my experience that's the one causing it. Try to load your compiled bot without UI. Hardcode the variables needed to test it.
  5. Lol im not a scammer. Check my posts on this forum. I thought you are looking for someone to do it for you. If you are asking for help. Post your current code here and members will add their inputs and modify it.
  6. Best solution is to rollback to more stable version. I think some plugins are causing that because when you disable plugins commands are showing.
  7. I have 64 windows and its working fine. Try to disable some plugins and see if it will work.
  8. That's a bug. I reported it here https://tracker.ubotstudio.com/issues/1341 Please upvote to get notice.
  9. I tried it but it looks like it doesnt work. Is someone made it work already? https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YUEUl6KQxlNdhSPg7Dyg073e9iJqGlEu/view?usp=drivesdk
  10. Is there anyone knows how to fix chrome extension crash on portable chrome browser? it's crashing on windows server 2019.
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