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  1. Is there anyone knows how to fix chrome extension crash on portable chrome browser? it's crashing on windows server 2019.
  2. Put the total data rows of that table into a variable. Then put that variable on the set table cell then at 1.
  3. Here's a workaround. Try to go to website that offers google login like stackoverflow.com then login there via google account. After login in go back to gmail and you should be logged in. All credits to heopas. I got it from him.
  4. Is anyone experience this on their customers. Compiled bot is not opening on non english language of windows 10. I tried to install multiple version of microsoft virtual c++ and framework is up to date. Let me know if you have any insight on this. Thanks
  5. Is it possible to change this on meta data https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ctczm8qsKuYVc72VWlQhT1MOoip4dpXZ/view?usp=drivesdk There's no option on the plugin. Thanks
  6. Yes that's right. Some of my customers computer cannot activate framework 3.5 on their windows 10 properly. Sometimes it's an corrupted error when it tries to download the framework 3.5 even if their windows is up to date.
  7. Great! Is it possible to ask meter to update the locker to the latest microsoft framework? Some of my customers with windows 10 having trouble with activating framework 3.5 on their computer thus software not opening properly.
  8. Any of you experience your bots not working properly on windows home edition? I already installed framework 3.5 and microsoft visual c++. The bot is opening but it doesnt function. All the buttons are not working properly. Do you know what's the limitation on windows home version that can be installed or turn on? The bot has no problem on windows pro version. Thanks
  9. I added the plugin to my wp and setup the db. Shortcode worked. I added also the root file on the root folder of my website then added the url to the locker settings but it's not generating users on my wp when I added new license manually.
  10. Hey Man, I got a question on the wp plugin. I added a license manually. Is that suppose to also create user on my wordpress site? I checked it and it didnt create a user account on wp..
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