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    Life is short and we can't afford to waste time messing about! That's why in life, I always look for ways how to kill not 2 but 3 birds with 1 stone (so to speak!).

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    You will earn money when learning online. Others remotely watch your learning progress and you earn money for that. Unlimited income potential per minute.

    "Earn While You View Videos Online"
    This bot is coming soon and so don't forget to stay tuned or glued to my profile.
    You will earn money when watching videos on youtube, uch as Ubot tutorials. Unlimited income potential per minute.

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  1. Folks, Apart from Bootstrap (Twitter stuff), do you know of any free Mobile Responsive Design templates ? I got a pagination page. I need to convert that to Mobile responsive Design. Searching for a template so I can learn from it and convert my pagination page so it looks good on mobile phone browsers too as now it looks terrible as you need to scroll and the texts look too small, etc. Hence, need a Mobile Responsive Pagination page template. Also need Account Login, Account Registration Page (web forms), Account Home Page Mobile Responsive Design templates. Must be in Html 5 and CSS. I
  2. Folks, Trying to scrape gogole results with these options but no luck: <outerhtml=w"<h3 class=\"LC20lb\">*</h3>"> <class=w"LC20lb"> These instead scrape the SERP url! How are you scraping google results ? Cheers!
  3. Ubotters! Let us say you have a bot and I have a copy of that same bot. And, I want my one to connect to your one and transfer files or message each other like chat clients do. Q1. Which port should we communicate through and which Commands and Functions to use to do this communication ? Q2. Which ports to use to send data and which ports to use to receive data ? And, which Commands and Functions to use to do this sending of data and receiving of data through specified ports ? Q3. How to see what data is getting sent through our specified ports when we are sending data ? And, how
  4. Ubotees, Returning here after about 2yrs. Before was here for 6yrs nearly everyday! Which Commands and Functions to use to build a peer to peer client, like Napster, KazaA, etc. ? In short, I want to build peer to peer clients. So, whatever files I put inside my client (file host), you will be able to connect directly to my client (file host) with your client (file host) and download all my files or view them in your bot browser. Likewise, whatever files you put inside your client (file host), I will be able to connect directly to your client (file host) with my client (file host)
  5. Folks, I am trying to build a web bot with php and/or curl that auto fills-in html forms. If you know php or cURL then kindly respond. I need to auto submit urls one by one to my mysql db via my "Link Submission" form. The Link Submission form will belong to my future searchengine which I am currently coding with php for my php learning assignment. For simplicity's sake, let's forget my searchengine project and let's assume I have a web form on an external website and I need it filled with peoples' personal details. Say, the external website form looks like this: <form name = "log
  6. I tried logging into my Admin account and get this error: Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function mysql_pconnect() in /home/user/public_html/UbotLocker/CheckLogin.php:6 Stack trace: #0 {main} thrown in /home/user/public_html/UbotLocker/CheckLogin.php on line 6 I think my host uses php 7.
  7. Thanks Jason! I had forgotten about this thread and issue! Have been trying to learn php ever since february and so have not been Ubotting. Have been Ubotting continuously 7 days/wk for 6.5yrs and then took a break now for 6 mnths. But now getting back to Ubotting on the side.
  8. Hi, Looking at this code of mine: plugin command("DatabaseCommands.dll", "connect to database", "server=\'example.com\';uid=\'username\'; pwd=\'password\'; database=\'id_database\'; port=\'3306\'; pooling=false") { divider plugin command("DatabaseCommands.dll", "query", "INSERT INTO history (Logging_Server_Dates_And_Times, Histories) VALUES (CURRENT_TIMESTAMP,\'{#current url}\');") divider }
  9. Cheers. But can you suggest some keywords as the ones I use yield irrelevant results.
  10. Link not functional. Link Cloaking wain't hat I am looking for. It is link creations with user id for tracking like affiliate links.
  11. Ubotters, Didn't get any proper answers from php forums so trying here now as I know some of you know php. Trying to learn Php 7 as much as I can. I need your help to point me to the right direction. What kind of method in Php 7 is used to track urls belonging to a foreign domain ? I mean, you all know that searchengines track clicks to links presented by their SERPs. So, if ubotstudio.com is listed under the keywords "php forum" on Google SERP then when you click ubotstudio.com on the Google SERP then that link is bound to have Google's tracking link. In short, you'll click the Goog
  12. Googled it. Found it. Checking it out now! http://network.ubotstudio.com/forum/index.php/topic/17500-sell-plugin-advanced-ubot-2/
  13. Even if your plugin ain't what I'm looking for, I reckon it is a great plugin to have that can execute php code. I might look into it in the future if I need to execute php in Ubot. No, I have not. What does it do and here is the link ? Thanks!
  14. It is a shame that Ubotters hardly prowl this forum. In 2 yrs time this forum will be dead.
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