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[Sell]- OpenAI Plugin For Ubotstudio + Dreambooth plugin as A BONUS!!!

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I have developed an openAI plugin for Ubotstudio. This is beneficial if you do not have the enterprise version, as it provides a similar functionality.

By acquiring this plugin at a low cost of only $17 as a one-time payment, you will also receive another excellent plugin for FREE. The bonus plugin, called "dreambooth plugin," allows you to generate unique images using an API key from stablediffusionapi.com, which is another feature included in the enterprise version. These plugins are highly advantageous if you do not already possess the enterprise version.


See the tutorial here: 



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Hi, I get an error with your plugin, see attached.

This is the code:

ui console view
plugin command("openai.dll", "config OpenAI", "sk-redacted", "Write this article:
Article Title: \"Master the Art of eCommerce Email Magic: Boost Sales Overnight!\" 
Article Overview: This post will provide actionable strategies for optimizing eCommerce email campaigns to skyrocket sales and conversions.
Article Subheadings:
<h2>The Power of Personalization: Crafting Customized Shopping Experiences</h2>
<h2>Killer Subject Lines: Grab Attention and Drive Opens</h2>
<h2>Dynamic Product Recommendations: Upsell and Cross-Sell Like a Pro</h2>
<h2>Abandoned Cart Recovery: Turn Lost Opportunities into Sales</h2>
<h2>A/B Testing Unveiled: Uncover the Best-Performing Campaigns</h2>
", 3000, "ArticleResponse", "text-davinci-003")

Any ideas what's wrong?


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rchased the program and i am trying to use openai chat program and am getting this error 


please explain this chat gpt error message "error occurred while making api request: the request was aborted : could not create ssl/tls secure channel

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