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  1. I have a few bot project on the go and willing to share my bots Is there anybody out here that wants to work together? I'm looking for experienced people only who can relate to the title
  2. Hi Seth, I have developer was aware of this but was having trouble with it executing of code Can you please show an example code Thanks
  3. define DATE_TIME { comment("dateTimeDay") set(#dateTimeDay,$find regular expression($date,"(?<=\\d\\d\\/)(.*)(?=\\/\\d\\d\\d\\d.\\d\\d:\\d\\d:\\d\\d)"),"Global") comment("dateTimeMonth") set(#dateTimeMonth,$find regular expression($date,"(?<=^)(.*)(?=\\/\\d\\d\\/\\d\\d\\d\\d.\\d\\d:\\d\\d:\\d\\d)"),"Global") comment("dateTimeYear") set(#dateTimeYear,$find regular expression($date,"(?<=\\d\\d\\/\\d\\d\\/)(.*)(?=.\\d\\d:\\d\\d:\\d\\d)"),"Global") comment("dateTimeHour") set(#dateTimeHour,$find regular expression($date,"(?<=\\d\\d\\/\\d\\d\\/\\d\\d\\d\\
  4. define COUNTDOWN { set(#wait_time_minutes,$rand(#wait_min,#wait_max),"Global") set(#countdown_minutes,#wait_time_minutes,"Global") set(#countdown_seconds,00,"Global") CHANGE NUMBERS() thread { loop while($comparison(#countdown_minutes,"> Greater than",$nothing)) { if($comparison(#countdown_minutes,"= Equals",00)) { then { set(#countdown_minutes,$nothing,"Global") set(#countdown_seconds,59,"Global") loop while($comparison(#countdown_seconds,"> Greater than",0)) {
  5. copy and paste into ubot Node view Install Python Plugin (ExecutePython.dll) to ubot Update %appdata% ubot \ python \ with newer version comment("Create a new file and add the below into the file and save the file as batch_create_sms.bat @echo off set TWILIO_ACCOUNT_SID=AC325b0e set TWILIO_AUTH_TOKEN=77ea6 \"D:\\Python\\python.exe\" \"D:\\batch_create_sms.py\"") SEND_SMS() define SEND_SMS { set(#create_python_sms,"from twilio.rest import Client # Find your Account SID and Auth Token at twilio.com/console # and set the environment variables. See http://twil.io/secure acco
  6. Thanks I tried heopas 'http download' Do you know how to pass the credentials I don't want to have to manually navigate to the page to download, Here is the url for the download, https://
  7. Thanks for the reply Yes, I have tried this and it doesn't work
  8. Hey Guys I'm trying to use Aymens - 'http file download' to download a PDF My issue is that the URL needs a user and password to access the file Any ideas on how this can be done? Thanks
  9. Hey TJ how do we use the amazon ses servers to spawn? can you give some info on where to look and learn. thx
  10. Hi Guys After updating to Ubot X because my bots started to not function correctly I have found the following bugs when running my bots that I know worked fine before Internal Browser freeze - I found that if I just add 'in external browser' to the start of your script it seem to knock/reset the internal browser and run smother and not freeze the internal browserUI dropdown - default value = nothing - when ubot starts up the ui dropdowns do not default to the first valueScraping to list - position 0 gets filled with nothing and then the scrape starts in position 115/12/2018 thread spawn doe
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