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  1. Hello Ubotters, After spending some hours to get it work, I decided to consult with you regarding an issue that I'm getting with some basic things. It could be that I'm just tired, but I can't determine what causes the problem.. Let's get to the point. I have such code: if($contains(#currentBotModule,"module1") OR $contains(#currentBotModule,"#module2") OR $contains(#currentBotModule,"#module3") OR $contains(#currentBotModule,"#module4") OR $contains(#currentBotModule,"#module5")) { then { module basic() } else if(ANOTHER MODULE FUNCTION)
  2. Hi, Nick. Thanks for replying. I'm not sure if I understood what you want me to do? Basically, above JS code is used in the site on which I'm trying to break this captcha. The JS rotate the images on a random base (i.e. https://prnt.sc/qnz0xa)and I need a way to somehow reset the images to its original state so I can pass the captcha. As I can see each image is temporarily generated and it retain the same link regardless how may times you refresh it. This is how it looks like when you don't click, when the captcha image is loaded: <a onclick="rotateImage('images0');"><img id="i
  3. Hello all, I stumbled across a Javascript code last week which might help me in what I'm doing now, however, I have had hard times to use the same in bot I'm working with -- mainly because I had no experience with handling the Javascript code, except using simple JS code to scroll or refresh the page. I'm aware that I need to pass certain scraped parameters from the image I wish to apply JS on, but regardless of many attempts I couldn't get it done. I'm pasting the JS code and the code from the page which I'd like to run JS. // VERSION: 2.3 LAST UPDATE: 11.07.2013 /* * Licensed under the MI
  4. This is the last one, I referred exactly to it. I don't use any User Agent when navigating, just left it to the one Chrome 49 returns. However, I'm forcing it to 'load html()' before it does any navigation in either main browser or shared browser. I'm also using clear cookies define with reset browser - I recently added reset browser since Chrome 49 supports it. So these are the only two changes I made with Chrome 49, the rest of the code is left intact. Everything works our well, Pi nt ere st, G +, Y T, S C, F b, I nst a gr@m... You may try to delete older uBOT in apps folder, uninstall all
  5. Chrome 49 appears to be almost stable as Chrome 21 I did an upgrade day before yesterday, desperately to be honest since no update has solved my problems till now. I upgraded let's say 4 or 5 times - 6 months pack.. The results which Chrome 49 gave amazed me. My bots are running as before with Chrome 21. Just for the record, with previous update I was able to get to the uBOT 5.9.44 and Chrome inside it didn't work well like with the latest uBOT version (5.9.50) Things appear to be fixed although no mentioning on update logs were made. I'm testing my bots 48+ hours so far and trust me, they
  6. As far as I know it works only with newer Chromium browsers, newer than Chrome 21..
  7. Ah.. good.. So it's not due to latest Twitter updates.. I was afraid they followed the rest social media platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, even Google+/Youtube partially. It's good that you have it fixed.
  8. Set some money aside and buy yourself a legit version!
  9. Try not to use newer User Agent strings with Chrome 21 and it should work well. Google will display to you an older login page.. let us know if it works..
  10. Hello Zenos, I guess it's the same cause which made Pinterest and Youtube logins/buttons not to work anymore. Are you using Chrome 21? We need to find some workarounds, I don't believe a new Chromium versions will make their browsers stable any time soon...
  11. Not yet, unfortunately.. We're still awaiting a solution.
  12. Exactly. I scratch my head when I only see it running. The visual look of Chrome 49 tells you that's so unstable..you don't even need to test it.. I still hope we can find some workaround for Chrome 21, otherwise I'll also need to try out ExBrowser... but I don't really like an idea of remote controlling..
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