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  1. I've returned to botting, tried this new plugin version and I'm also unable to launch the Chrome. I matched the version of Chrome with the version of chromedriver. Could it be because of the updated plugin?
  2. I'm looking forward to it! 👍👍
  3. Hi Daemon, I was able to automate Gmail/Youtube login with this plugin, using the plugin cookies function. It's pretty easy and straightforward. As far as I understand, you would normally use the software compiled with the plugin even after your license expired. But if you try to compile a new software, the plugin won't allow you until you renew the license. In simple words, you won't be able to change any single piece of the code in your compiled software as the plugin won't allow you to compile it again. Hopefully I'm right about it.
  4. I'm sorry, but I have another question.. is it possible to use the "wildcard" when trying to scrape some elements on the page? I can't seem to figure out and it doesn't seem it works the way it worked with the element selector. Or I'm missing something..? P.S. If possible, please paste an example of a code using a "wildcard".. I'm not very convenient using the regex. Thanks in advance.
  5. Sure, I'll do an upgrade. Yes, I've just subscribed. One question, though, since I've started re-adapting the code with this plugin, I noticed the "Browser User Agent" can set the UA only after fresh browser launch. If you do some actions with the browser, you will no longer able to change the UA and you would have to close and start the browser again. I believe it would be a lot better (if possible) to change the UA w/o restarting the browser. Is that possible? (this is the process flow with inbuilt browser on uBOT) Wishing You a great weekend.
  6. Great! I'm diving slowly into it. From what I've seen thus far, it's a great plugin!
  7. It should be just temporary. 😉 For how long you can't access the uBOT? I've been trying for the last 30 mins and been getting the uBOT server license is down..
  8. maBOT

    The server is down, @pash. PLease fix it, thanks!

  9. Hey guys, I'm happy to let you know that the issue has been solved by the help from @LoWrIdErTJ - BotGuru ! He checked the code and recommended removal of the browser's "crash checkers", precisely "auto close browser crash" from Advanced Ubot plugin. Please pay attention to it if you use it. It might eat up half or more of your CPU power. For some reason, the Ubot Studio was ignoring this plugin when running opposite to when it was running as a compiled bot. So, the bot is now running like a charm with 1-2% of CPU usage most of the time! Thanks you all for the
  10. Gave it a try yesterday by hard-coding the variables. Unluckily, it didn't help.
  11. Exactly. Clean install is the best to start with. Don't forget to delete everything from App Data. Start --> type in "%appdata%' in search, ENTER on your keyboard, then open the "UBot Studio" folder and delete everything from it just in case. Once done, install a clean uBOT 6.1.14, which is in my opinion a most stable uBOT 6 version. Otherwise, let us know if you need to downgrade to uBOT 5, use 5.9.55 version. This is the version which works for me for years now.
  12. Not, un/fortunately. There are 23 checkboxes in total. The bot interacts with them upon starting only or if I do a manual interaction. It's a few seconds process which reads the selections from the local .txt file and then stop. I will hardcode the variables I need for it to start and try it out w/o UI. Tried already. It gives the same issue. What I also tested is the older code w/o the new patches to reduce CPU. I've ran the uBOT Studio and standalone BOT, and the CPU was similar in both instances, between 13-20% (pretty high but I got used to it since start). *The
  13. Hello, What is the uBOT version you are having troubles with? If you are on any of the latest versions of uBOT 6., I suggest you downgrade to 6.1.14 Hope it helps.
  14. Hi Kojak, Thank you for replying. As far as I know it's a basic HTML and CSS and some JS scripts which I can see. There are 4 tabbed panels. Btw, the UI html starts with the following: <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd"> <html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml"> The size of it, it is 237kb in .txt file. The same is loaded fine and fast in uBOT Studio 5.9.55 and works flawlessly as shown in the video. However in recent versions of uBOT 6 it lags a lot in
  15. Hello guys, I'm encountering quite unusual issue with CPU consumption for a while now. In my venture to make the code less aggressive, I did literally everything I could thought off, but as it seems to no avail. I did a few additional patches and went to checking the bot's running process in the uBOT Studio software and thought I've resolved the issue given that uBOT was consuming up to 10% of CPU max. but usually it maintains just a few percent of CPU like 3-5%. When I proceeded to compile the same and run as a standalone BOT, the CPU consumption went up and kept it constantly ove
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