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  1. I paused the gigs on Fiverr now because our small team was overwhelmed by too many project requests, every day, hour, sometimes by the minute. If you are able to make customers happy, Fiverr is a great platform with a lot of buyers out there. We are now focusing to harden and bolster up the team, then we will go live again in a few days.
  2. Please don't buy our plugins. We don't want competition 😂 (jk)
  3. Just realized we are now #1 worldwide on the entire Fiverr platform for the keyword "bot". We left almost 12000 competing gigs behind. Only ads above us.
  4. Welcome. Some big sites are very strict and block a lot of browsers. I know the site works with the Automaxed Browser Plugin. Btw that is not the topic of this thread.
  5. Leading the way! Thanks to UBot and thanks to Automaxed Plugins, yey! 🏆🚀 Want to buy my course? Well, there is none. But if you are a paying Automaxed Plugin customer you can receive help from me personally. If we reach 100 paying Automaxed Plugin customers or 50 Plugin bundle customers per year, I am ready to stop competing in public bot projects. Leaving more space for all of you and focusing solely on improving our tools. Results matter and together we can achieve more results. It can be a win-win-win.
  6. That should work for you: http://network.ubotstudio.com/forum/index.php?/topic/28820-ubot-stuck-on-starting-help-please/&do=findComment&comment=150910 You can additionally try to run it as administrator. Right-click on the exe, run as administrator. Wait. Your PC may be missing C++ Redistributable packages or Java runtime. Install Visual C++ Redistributable (X86 and X64): https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/cpp/windows/latest-supported-vc-redist Install Java Runtime (Windows Offline and Windows Offline 64-bit): https://www.java.com/download/manual.jsp
  7. All our Plugins that have a version prefix of 6.x do, the ones with a version prefix of 5.x don't. I just checked. UBot Extension 2 latest is v5.x currently, it should not be compatible with UBot latest.
  8. Okay. For the last 10 years the plugins have been going strong. There was only 1 incident as far as I know when there was a interruption. Since then there have been ongoing improvements. The most capable browser, and more useful features are available. Right now only a few of our plugins are compatible with UBot latest, most are still optimized for UBot Version 5.9.55. We are currently working on the rest of the plugins, refactoring them to make them compatible with UBot latest. Regarding the money, hm. If it saves you more time or money than the license cost, it should be
  9. The feeling when you make your first $10.000 from developing bots 😂 > Some lucky hardworking individuals made $100.000 plus from making bots, some few even more. In fact, I know one person who developed and sold 650+ custom bots until now. 😳🤯 Just that you guys know that there is a lot possible. If you figure out how to work around obstacles and make things happen.
  10. Did you try Automaxed Plugins? I am the maintainer of those. Actually there is no known bot builder out there that can do more than UBot + Automaxed.
  11. Maybe also factor in Automaxed Plugins. Which makes UBot Studio perhaps the most versatile bot builder in the world (no joke).
  12. Strange. I would write to the support: https://support.ubotstudio.com it probably gets resolved quickly.
  13. At least now you know the difference (it's not necessarily the IP). 😁 1. Browser Control Technology used 2. IP 3. Cookies/Session
  14. You can count. I think it works plenty, even without starting a new browser session or anything else. Plus you could change ip if your use case requires that. ReCaptcha Checkbox Example II.mp4
  15. Yes. The JS seems only working after manually hovering some elements, I guess. It's weird. But honestly, I would simply use the Automaxed Browser Plugin and done: do it() define do it { plugin command("Browser Automation.dll", "browser navigate", "https://www.your-web-address.com/account/my-account") wait(3) plugin command("Browser Automation.dll", "browser mouse click", "Class[2]:kuTaGy wixui-button zKbzSQ", "Left Click") wait(2) plugin command("Browser Automation.dll", "browser mouse over", "Class[0]:recaptcha-checkbox goog-inline-block recaptcha-che

    Enjoy 33% OFF on everything at https://automaxed.com/pricing

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  17. document.querySelector('.rc-anchor-checkbox').click(); --- Plugin download link: https://automaxed.com/free-tools
  18. I don't believe that's fixed. However, if you are looking for a powerful solution (not free) this is what I recommend: http://network.ubotstudio.com/forum/index.php?/topic/29488-remote-webdriver-server-throwing-errors/&do=findComment&comment=151576
  19. Glad this didn't turn into a daily soap 😆 Congratulations!!! 🥳🥳🥳 Wishing you much success with it.
  20. Of course I tested. Zoom works just fine, straightforward and done. No idea why you say it doesn't. plugin command("Browser Automation.dll", "browser run javascript", "document.body.style.zoom = \"50%\";", "", "", "False", "False") Browser Zoom.mp4
  21. plugin command("Browser Automation.dll", "browser run javascript", "document.body.style.zoom = \"80%\";", "", "", "False", "False")
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