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  1. Hi I was wondering if uBot will run on windows x64 emulation for ARM64? Reason I ask, I am using an a new MacBook Air with the new ARM M1 chip so I need to run uBot in a virtual machine running windows 10 ARM. Is there anyway to download a demo of Ubot to test if it works? Let me know, thank you.
  2. Figured it out set(#itemurl,$random list item(%itemurl),"Global") navigate("www.somewebsite.com/{#itemurl}","Wait")
  3. Hey everyone I have a list of NOT full URLs (end of urls), that I am visiting. I was wondering how can I add some text to URL before they are visited? For example my list has URLs that look something like this item/33949849 item/53839939 item/93294384 ... ... I need to add this: "www.somesite.com/" to the URL before I visit it. This is the code I'm using to visit the site, just need to add the text above to it before the visit. navigate($random list item(%itemurl),"Wait") end url should look like this: www.somesite/item/33949849
  4. I tried that but couldn't get it to work on craigslist, clicks work
  5. I ended up using clicks to make i work: click(<id="ui-id-4-button">,"Left Click","No") wait(1) mouse over(<id="ui-id-10">,"No") wait(1) click(<id="ui-id-10">,"Left Click","No")
  6. ⛔ Can't seem to figure out how to change the dropdown menu on the code. Can anyone have a look? <label class="json-form-item select auto_fuel_type req variant-select"> <div class="label-wrapper"> <span class="label">fuel</span> </div> <select tabindex="1" name="auto_fuel_type" class="json-form-input no-js auto_fuel_type"> <option value="">-</option> <option value="1">gas</option> <option value="2">diesel</option> <option value="3">hybrid</option> <option value="4">ele
  7. Wow thanks so much! I've needed this in the past but didn't know it was possible so I figured out another way of doing it. Should have posted a question a long time ago
  8. So I'm trying to click on this innertext on the code below, but since the NUMBER before the word VIEW, and CLASS constantly change how would I go about this? <div class="tBJ dyH iFc">36 Views</div> I was hopping something like this would work but it doesn't: click(<innertext="* Views">,"Left Click","No")
  9. Have issues with some of my bots hanging freezing. Was typing to figure out a way to make the bot do an automatic reset browser if the bot doesn't for example finish a loop within 60 seconds. If the bot freezes/hands on a loop it would automatically do a reset browser and start over so I don't have to manually kill it and restart it. Can I have in new browser check on the first browser and if its frozen have it reset the both browsers maybe and start from the start? Or is there another easier way to get this done?
  10. Actually if anyone else has issues with file ref_browser_log.txt becoming HUGE, mine got to 12gb once. Just go to the file and under preferences change it to read-only. This is good for personal use, not great if you are selling bots however.
  11. Awesome thanks bud, changing AppData to Application Data, and removing Roaming worked . Final code: delete file("{$special folder("Application Data")}\\UBot Studio\\cef_browser_log.txt")
  12. Hi I need to add a line to my bot which deletes a file from AppData/Roaming/.../file.txt Since every person has a different path to AppData folder how do you go about this? How do you find out what the current users username is e.g: C:\\Users\\ THIS COULD BE ANYTHING \\AppData\\...? I tried without success: delete file("{$special folder("AppData")}\\Roaming\\...
  13. Im trying to see if there is some text on a page, that text is set a variable. What am I doing wrong here? if($exists(<innertext={#firstname}>)) { then { alert("yes") } else { alert("no") } }
  14. I've tried a bunch of stuff but I'm just a beginner. This is the link I'm working on: https://plus.google.com/s/cars/top If I scrap the innertext # member and compare that to 3000 or more, how do I than click on the join button which is right next to that particular number? If you could point me to some similar example somewhere that would be awesome
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