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  1. @aymen this is not working with the new version of ubot 6.2.7
  2. Hello, Whenever I try to login to gmail it gives me an following error: This is not working for me. I have seen the bug department and i do not think any one is working on it. It has been more than 2 months. Please any one can help me regarding this.
  3. hello heopas, Thanks for the plugin really look cool. I am having a problem. whenever i solve the recaptcha in the pop up window and click the OK button. The captcha does not gets solved in the browser. Nothing happens. Why is this happening.
  4. hello thanks for this plugin. i have one problem. whenever i solve a recaptcha that pops up in a new window and then I click OK. It does nothing. It does not get solved in the browser.
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