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  1. Sorry guys, I have been away from my computer for a while and let my domain expire! Someone has purchased my domain too! My license server is still working fine, just my sales website. I will buy another domain and keep you updated….
  2. I tested here and seems to work for me. I don’t know what’s going on there with the cycling. I have a feeling that what is happening is the download is extracted to a temp directory and something is blocking the app from overwriting the old files. Perhaps your antivirus or something like that. You could try running the app as admin but not sure that would work. I will do some more testing today and try and find the problem. I understand this is probably frustrating for you, sorry about this.
  3. Update sent v2.2.2 for the fix, sorry about that guys! If you are stuck in a cycle, it is most probably because you have the old version of UStrap installed.. If you have UStrap in your program files you need to uninstall it. Thanks again, Carl
  4. Version 2.2.1 Update Added: New Datepicker component. Added: Theme to plugin "Ustrap Alert" command. Added: Ability to hide/show tab submenu (dropdown) with the plugin "Display Tab" command. Added: New Plugin command: "table set column header text" Added: "Tab Index" property to some of the components. Added: New "Tour" feature. Create a walkthrough tutorial for your bot users, easily, creating steps that popup to the user. -------------- I think I have found the memory leak problem! I have issued a tracker to ubot team. Hopefully they will do something about this! Track it here: htt
  5. Hi Kevin, Sorry I missed your support ticket. I have created you a little video here: I forgot to mention in the video at the end…. You need to update the UI after you have altered the ubot &table at the end of the CustomButton define. To do this you would simply reload the table like this: set(#table,&table,"Global") I wouldn’t recommend reloading the table after each iteration inside a loop, that could cause you some problems. Hope that helps you out! Carl
  6. Yes, the main reason for the rebuild is to make the application smaller, compiling all modules into a single file rather than hundreds of files. I will also be optimising the css too. Not really sure actually, you have set the variables on them? Also which version of ubot are you using? Thanks
  7. 1. Not really tested, it is probably slightly slower as more css and js will be loaded, but nothing noticeable. 2. This is a NodeJS application, not built with ubot, meaning the UStrap application is a lot faster than other builders. I would say UStrap has a lot of features and due to been styled using bootstrap, there is an inbuilt theme builder allowing easy styling of the components. https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCERYs-xnVI4FsnYziF1W0KA Thanks I will add this as a component
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