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  1. Okay , for the impatient ones - here is the link to a screencast from the course! https://www.sequelbytes.com/s/preview/courses/The-SQL-Freedom-Course#6125eb6a0cf2efe4aac475e8
  2. Hey TJ! Thanks for replying! I have made the first module free. It has links to 2 full videos + many free lessons - so you can taste the goods before purchase . You guys can check it out here. Thanks for the heads Up! https://www.sequelbytes.com/s/preview/courses/The-SQL-Freedom-Course#6125eb6a0cf2efe4aac475e8
  3. Greetings from a fellow Ubot Studio user. I’ve been working on speeding up bot creation, and this might be interesting to you, if you create bots using UbotStudio or some other platform. If you've a minute to spare - check this out. It will be worth it! . Sanjeev. P.S - If you've questions, just hit reply and ask away,i'll be glad to answer any questions you may have.
  4. Thanks Brutal! Not just for Noobs.. Even the most experienced user can make use of these tools.. it automates tasks you would need to by Hand..unless you have coded your own solution..similar to this.. Also - [planned..] the quick Ui tool will have presets option so you can save and load Ui code presets for even faster Ui creation. Ini settings creator will have options for creating multi tab settings and also [ if you want for some edge cases] - multiple settings per Tab! I will add a detailed video , which Will be available in downloads section which will take you through the
  5. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A special Bonus for all my Upad Ninja customers - When you buy Uassistants , you also get access to the new Ubot x dark theme for upad ninja! https://cl.ly/4c916ccec13f https://cl.ly/00d9b5f3c30d ---------------------------------------------- Plus, you will get access to 2 videos where I show you how you can use upad ninja with notepad++ as a super cool snippets manager for Ubot studio [believe me when I say this , it pretty much beats every snippet manager available onlin
  6. Introducing uAssistants! - A ubotter's swiss army knife! uAssistants is a ubot Studio code builder and helper - it saves time by building your ubot studio code and by automating tedious tasks which you had to perform manually, saving you hours of wasted time. It does this by first letting you select a Ubot studio file from disk to work with, and then you can select an 'assistant' to automate a 'task' on that .ubot file! Current assistants - -------------------------- Ubot file to text - single click Extract any Ubot studio file to disk Generate Sa
  7. One of TJ's free plugins also has windows automation features..you could start there first..? --- https://www.botguru.net/ubot-plugin-os-addins/ -SENDKEYS (sends keys to window by name) -SENDKEYS GENERAL (non window specific) -SENDKEYS FUNCTION (non window specific) -SENDKEYS (wait for window) you need to sign up here.. https://www.botguru.net/ubot-user-free-plugins/ ---------------- Also - watch this video by Frank on automating windows using an app called Macro scheduler.. the takeaway from his video is that the right way to go about doing windows automation is primarily using
  8. Have you actually finished that HTTP video course? And still cannot do this?
  9. Sigh! Its always the same story with Ubot Studio... What are we.. Alpha testers/beta testers..?
  10. sign up here - https://www.botguru.net/ubot-user-free-plugins/
  11. Dan has made available great free HTTP post Video Tutorials , it also covers how to use cookies in depth - using http post plugin. Join his Facebook group ! https://www.facebook...xBrowserPlugin/ The videos are free for his Facebook group members. Log into your Facebook account and request invite as a Ubot studio user.
  12. example - how to load a cookie from the browser into a variable and use it with the HTTP plugin: http://network.ubotstudio.com/forum/index.php?/topic/16478-http-plugin-example-move-cookies-from-browser-to-http-plugin/?/topic/16478-http-plugin-example-move-cookies-from-browser-to-http-plugin/
  13. Update: This Offer will be available only till October 15th! After that , Upad Ninja will not be available for sale anywhere.
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