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  1. hahaha.... it is software, it doesn't matter if you used it or not, it doesn't wear out like a physical item. I appreciate the laugh! - You might want to check with seth about you selling your copy - that may be a nono.
  2. Is this happening trying to install v6? sometimes it does get hung up while downloading support files... Especially when you you think it isn't doing it and click again. this often leaves abandoned processes that prevent it from finishing. The easy fix is usually to just restart your computer to make sure all errant processes are removed, then try again.
  3. Did ubot ever fix the issue with not being able to hide the external browser?
  4. if you are using the latest version of ubot, the issue is most likely chrome79. google is identifying it as 'automation', but as far as i know, you cant upgrade or downgrade the version on your own, so we may just be stuck.
  5. update... man, he really made this easy on us, and it works perfectly for me plugin command("UltimateUI.dll", "UI Table To DataGrid", "ResultsGrid", &results)
  6. Not seeing this... is it as simple as: plugin command("UltimateUI.dll", "UI Set DataGrid Property", "IsReadOnly", "ResultsGrid", &results)
  7. I just now put in a workaround.... its going to depend on your situation, but for me, i had 5 buttons, so i used the button event on one, then another type of event on another and so on. Not a great way to go, but it worked for me and gets me out of a pinch for the time being.
  8. anyone running multiple buttons in their gui right now with this plugin? I'm completely stuck and nick doesnt seem to be around
  9. I have several buttons on my gui... plugin command("UltimateUI.dll", "UI Add Button Event", "Click", "GetSupportButtona", "get_supporta") plugin command("UltimateUI.dll", "UI Add Button Event", "Click", "GetSupportButtonb", "get_supportb") plugin command("UltimateUI.dll", "UI Add Button Event", "Click", "GetSupportButtonc", "get_supportc") plugin command("UltimateUI.dll", "UI Add Button Event", "Click", "GetSupportButtond", "get_supportd") Unfortunately only 1 will work... Same holds true for uilist event... only one will work. So the question is - Am I doing somethnig wrong or does the pl
  10. I am late to the show on this, but it is good information to have for anyone. When using any ubot built-in browser than 21, your bot will generate a file named cef_browser_log.txt in the ubot studio folder (inside your roaming folder). That file gets bigger and bigger as your app runs and eventually drags it all to a halt that results in a crash. So, you need to setup a call to delete that file every so often while your bot is running. For example, you can put it in it's own thread so that it gets triggered and then waits x amount of time, and fires again and so on, while the bot moves
  11. I see a couple of things wrong you may want to address before you continue. 1- you call for a browser wait event before you even call the browser....so you'll want to put that immediately after the navigate call... This isn't something that will cause a break, but it is useless the way you have it displayed via your posted code. 2- the next thing that comes to my attention is an if statement on the page.... you have it as: [if] #variable [then]..... that isn't how things work. Instead, you need to give the [if] statement something to work with... like, "contains", or "comparison", or "exis
  12. I don't believe you would want to use it in any commercial environment unless you want your users to be able to see exactly what your bot is doing and annoy them with not only the browser showing but also the cmd window showing, and break it when they don't understand what is going on and close the window while it's working. It does have a long way to go before its actually viable in the commercial production environment (as far as i can tell)... I play with v6 a bit, but still do my real work with v5. You never can tell about Seth though :-) ....He may modify it to be useful within a week
  13. You're question doesn't really give a lot of specifics, so my best guess for you is to go to google and type in: Ubot cookie control You'll get lots of information, tutorials, become exposed to plugins you may not know about and so on.
  14. I didn't realize you guys were serious :-) If you do not want your users to be able to see the ubot studio folder contained in appdata, just run a hidden shell batch command to hide the folder from view. Sure, if they already know its there, then they can easily unhide it, but if they don't already know about it, then they will never even think to look for it. Just an idea.
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