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  1. Yea nothing works; been waiting weeks for a solution. What was the last version that worked and its download url?
  2. Having the same problem discussed earlier in this thread Exbrowser launches twice then crashes leaving it useless. Sent a ticket 3 days ago that's why I'm posting here. Really need to get back to work... Would have been nice if the solution was posted here.
  3. I'm still having the same problem as well, however still using the same domain. So you actually set it up on another domain and the problem persists? That was going to be my next step... hmm that sux its a real pain making excuses. phpmail is working fine from support script..
  4. Thanks for the replies. Ive had this problem since I went to php 7 , everything else is fine except email which like you Cyber was working till this point without any changes.. Its been a wile now. I have contacted my host, we did a few tests and sure enough their script is working fine, same server.
  5. I have the same problem and none of my client license are getting sent out, did you overwrite the original files? No idea whats wrong and have confirmed php sendmail is working fine.. very annoying..
  6. Is there an archive of the solutions? Otherwise I would like to see the solution as well...
  7. This is what I did define get_selected_indexes { clear list(%index_totals) wait(0.1) add list to list(%index_totals,$list from text($plugin function("UStrapPlugin.dll", "$table get selected indexes", "YORUTABLENAMEHERE"),","),"Delete","Global") wait(0.1) set(#get_selected_indexes,$replace(%index_totals,$new line,","),"Global") wait(0.1) set(#total_selected,$list total(%index_totals),"Global") } Think thats what your looking for
  8. Thanks Fastlinks, Abbas explained the finer details to me but I hope this helps anyone else who had isues with the last details (change attribute bit) .
  9. did you find a solution here?
  10. So as the title says seaching for any possible solution to solve captcha with exbrowser? Does it exist? I have all the plugins, none of them work... perhaps its the example code, perhaps I dont have a clue what Im doing... All I know is its very fraustrating trying to solve v2 captcha..I have both ultimate and capcha v3 working on https://www.couponbirds.com/submit-coupon this will grab the site key set(#sitekeyb,$plugin function("ExBrowser.dll", "$ExBrowser Scrape Element Attribute", "x://div[contains(@class,\"g-recaptcha\")]", "data-sitekey"),"Global") but the plug ins dont a
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