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  1. python , because python has many libraries . js is not good language to learn
  2. after get token from 2captcha , i dont know how to bypass , i try both submitcallback() and build a proper final URL, https://www.google.com/sorry/index?q=Q_PARAMETER_VALUE&continue=CONTINUE_VALUE&g-recaptcha-response=TOKEN. But both are fail
  3. anyone success with google search 18th May 2020 recaptcha update ?
  4. hi , i buy new pc and lost download link , can you send me again ? thank , my email : afkratien@outlook.com
  5. And i also buy Xpath builder v1 , now , they delete that tool ..... it is funny
  6. 1. full of bugs 2. lack of many features like exbrowser
  7. that is problem of ubot , it lacks of many things for advanced members . For beginner , it is enough good to starting
  8. Is there any blackfriday coupon for this ? I cant apply any coupon on your site
  9. i waited for a long time but nothing changes i cant understand what ubot team think it is very important command , noone care about it
  10. anyone solve invisible recaptcha ? i tried many time but fail
  11. more than a year , and they still dont fix ftp command . i cant complete my bot because of waiting that command fixxed .
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