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  1. http://robobest.com/ login on the right hand side any problems chris fire me a PM and i'll get you sorted out. thanks kev123
  2. Sorry my error PM sent. thanks kev123 everyone else Smarththread update version 1.4 Added "Thread Control advanced idle" this will wait until there are no active current threads
  3. looking at the code the you are missing variables from the define all smarthread defines need to have a variable as position is passed and if you are using a list a variable for this. Also the smarthread function your using will start both defines at once which would mean your second define is called before the first is finished below is a example that should work for you. if you need anything else let me know happy to help thanks kev123 clear list(%list) plugin command("Smartthreads.dll", "Threadcontrol Advanced initial", 10) plugin command("Smartthreads.dll", "Thread control Advanced add
  4. check your not using ubot standard threads at the same time as causes this problem better to use smart thread only thanks kev123
  5. Are you trying to view in debugger? Because large list doesn't show in debugger due to it being a plugin
  6. Post the code you have been using and me or someone else will check for errors
  7. hi the person who has purchased in the last few days email starting with "iwe" I've tried to reply to your support ticket but keeps coming back with connection refused if you could contact me by Pm I can help your further. ​thanks kev123
  8. this worked for me using chrome plugin command("ExBrowser.dll", "ExBrowser Click", "z://textarea[@name=\'fields[tweet]\']") plugin command("ExBrowser.dll", "ExBrowser Type Text2", "z://textarea[@name=\'fields[tweet]\']", "Yes", "my cool tweet", 10, 50) thanks kev123
  9. heres example for first month the $rand is for number of items in dropdown plugin command("ExBrowser.dll", "ExBrowser Click", "z://div[@id=\':0\']") plugin command("ExBrowser.dll", "ExBrowser Wait For Element", "z:(//div[@class=\'goog-menuitem-content\'])[1]", "Appear", 30) plugin command("ExBrowser.dll", "ExBrowser Click", "z:(//div[@class=\'goog-menuitem-content\'])[{$rand(1,12)}]")
  10. ​Smart threads plugin watchout using ubot normal threads will cause smart threads not to complete its best to only use smart threads and not combine the two
  11. Botscriptfast 3.0 is here! ​we have done it Botscriptfast now supports ubot 4 and 5 stealth ​ ​​-Now uses latest ubot browser -footprints update ​-new 2016/2017 footprints added ​to update simply run the software or if you don't own a copy purchase from the original post
  12. it probably wont be exposed, you could in this specific example. 1.go to agency profile page. 2.scrape there website 3.visit websites contact us page and home page and extract any emails. you could do 3. in http plugin/socket to speed things up kev123
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