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  1. Hi, i use ubot to scrape google result. so it will navigate to https://www.google.com/search?q=allintitle:{$replace(#keyword," ","+")} and scrape it. the problem is when it shows captcha i get a same problem . I use the code below here at several month ago and it works perfect. wait for browser event("Everything Loaded","") wait(1) set(#GoogleKey,$scrape attribute(<class="g-recaptcha">,"data-sitekey"),"Global") clear list(%Debug) add list to list(%Debug,$plugin function("Advanced Captcha.dll", "$2captcha.com recaptcha", #AccessKey, #GoogleKey, $url, "", "", 50, 120, "", "", "", "V2"),
  2. how to delete cache with exbrowser? did delete all cookies also delete the cache and history?
  3. Hi, i want to scrape text which have length 20 characters. i use editpad and it works perfectly the regex code. but if i use it it on ubot, it always error or nothing item scrapped s it shows nothing. set(#scrape pin,"445434219393205687 558587160034686664 754775218784510962 303500462390250257 853080354401358008345565465464 330029478945439979 381680137172436924 763571311802063541 413346072052565131 806425877009023435asdfdsfsd 163396292718663893 717127940645876651 539376492864104338 604889793685992641 562316703473757198 50243352079460572","Global") set(#scrape pin,$find regular expression(#scr
  4. i i have http post plugin. is there an example how to use http delete methode? i can not find it. thanks
  5. Hi, i want to know how to http delete. plugin command("HTTP post.dll", "http method", "DELETE") https://api.pinterest.com/v1/me/following/users/asdasdas?access_token=asdasdas
  6. i think, you can use exbrowser if you want to use chrome or firefox extension
  7. hi, i want to create mail ru bot. iit works fine on registration page. but the problem after i click sign up button and it is redirected to verification page at https://account.mail.ru/signup/verify. i can not find the callback function or code. when i scrape the inner html of recaptcha form , i still can not find the call back function. if i click the continue button, then it will back to verification page again. is there any advice how to scrape callback function? i try document.getElementById("continue").click(); , but it is also failed. <form class="b-form b-form_responsive b-form_pop
  8. Hi i have advanced ubot 1. Is there a way to create a start pause resume stop for each thread. I have a bot with 3 thread so it can works a same time. But i want each thread have different start pause resume button. How to do it with advanced ubit 1. Thanks
  9. Hi iget a problem ti click submit button on pinterest login. i can not find the submit button. is there any advice to do it? navigate("https://www.pinterest.com/login/?referrer=home_page","Wait") wait for browser event("Everything Loaded","") wait for element(<email field>,"","Appear") set(#GoogleSiteKey,$scrape attribute(<src=r"https://www.google.com/recaptcha/api2/anchor?.*">,"src"),"Global") set(#GoogleSiteKey,$find regular expression(#GoogleSiteKey,"(?<=https://www.google.com/recaptcha/api2/anchor?.*?=.*?=).*?(?=&.*?=)"),"Global") clear lis
  10. Hi , i use exbrowser. i have a problem with recaptcha. i i want to use it for pinterest login. i can not find submit button for recaptcha, so i use chromex extension to solve this problem. but now i get a problem is how to input 2captcha API key on exbrowser. i open the extension setting page. but when i run my bot to change attribute or type text to insert API key, it always failed. i can't insert my api key. is there any advice to setting it? thanks chrome extension : https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/recaptcha-solver/hapgiopokcmcnjmakciaeaocceodcjdn?hl=en plugin command("ExBro
  11. Hi is there anyone can close the pop up/iframe for addmefast website to get points. I use exbrowser function such as close visible browser tab and send keyboard using ctrl q/w. but my points still same. but if i close it manually by clicking X button, my points increased.
  12. hi, after i use wordpress new post. how to check if my post is published or not? and how to get the new post url directly? thanks
  13. Hi, if i want to upload 50 images on a post. how to do it with advanced wordpress? i have advanced wordpress. thanks
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