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  1. Hey all, Can't find any examples of how to solve this GOT to be common problem. I can handle the rest -- this is a show stopper. Need your advice! Now that I have the Enterprise Edition and Subscription I'm desperately trying to locate the command to handle insertion of a 6 digit code. What's the best way to do this? I found possibilities in: Text Functions: $insert text -- is this the best way? Flow Controls: Ghost commands -- is this the best way? Browser Commands: type password -- but how can I load the Verific
  2. Hey there Ninja,

    Just got into UBot Underground and not seeing a lot of activity when I go to the leaderboard -- however I did find you and it looks like you were in the forum last month.

    Are you active with Ubot?  I need to knock out a solution and need some direction on which is the best path to get where I need to go.

    For instance... I need to navigate to eBay, enter an ID and then scrape the results into a CSV.
    Where I am uncertain how to loop through a bunch of ID's  (say 30 ID's) -- is how to add each screen full of scraped data -- into it's own row in a master CSV...

    Instinct tells me that this is a common task, yet I can't find any training tutorials that lay it out.
    Not really wanting to go down a dead end path -- so any light you can shed on this task... would be greatly appreciated!


    1. PRO


      You can load all ID's in a list and then loop through all elements.

      You can try and run this example:

      clear list(%urls)
      add list to list(%urls,$list from text("1,2,3,4,5",","),"Delete","Global")
      set(#counter_total,$list total(%urls),"Global")
      loop while($comparison(#counter_current,"< Less than",#counter_total)) {
          alert($list item(%urls,#counter_current))
      alert("Completed {#counter_current} items!")

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