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  1. I need a Mapmaker bot done in 1 week. Very simple tasks... just going through Mapmaker listings and performing simple tasks. Let me know if you're interested: http://network.ubotstudio.com/freelance/project/make-a-mapmaker-bot-in-1-week/
  2. I hired someone to make me a ubot exe. He delivered the exe, but it's triggering a bunch of virustotal warnings. The developer is saying he's not a trusted source because he doesn't have a license, and that's why they're triggered. Are these just false positives, or should this stuff not be in there? Agnitum PUA.ConvertAd! 20160308 Avira (no cloud) WORM/UBot.7247118 20160310 ESET-NOD32 a variant of MSIL/Ubot.D potentially unsafe 20160310 Fortinet Adware/ConvertAd 20160310 Ikarus not-a-virus:AdWare.ConvertAd
  3. can this also create accounts and verify them by phone or sms?
  4. I don't think this will work for google verifications will it? Usually when you try to phone verify a google account or a maps listing (GMB listing) twilio does not work. Or is that what this is for?
  5. has anyone used this? wondering if accounts get banned, and how quickly they get banned with this, anyone actually test it?
  6. Need a bot that does this: 1. Logs into gmail. 2. I give it this search string: subject:("has subscribed to you on YouTube") maybe even just input the URL of that search string to keep it simple? 3. Opens each email that matches the search. 4. Clicks on the users name in the email (brings you to the users youtube page) 5. Clicks on the users google plus page icon on their youtube page. 6. Clicks on the "add to circles" button under their name 7. Adds the user to whatever circle I input into the software. THEN I ALSO NEED THIS, COULD BE A SEPARATE TAB/SEPARATE BOT 1. Goes to the "contact
  7. Looking for a bot that will allow my links in my linkedin messages to be clickable, does yours allow this?
  8. Have you noticed when sending messages to linkedin connections through linkedin with your software that the hyperlinks are not clickable? Does your software have a solution for this?
  9. what was your selection? interested in this too
  10. you mean this feature? http://youtu.be/SqWXTdBrA80?t=57s http://vpnverge.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/Hidemyass-Randomly-Change-IP-Address-every-10-min.png
  11. nah I'm more looking to influence CTR on organic SERPS. I don't mess with adsense, too volatile
  12. also I'd love to know if you're selling the source
  13. I tried to email these folks but never heard anything back, not sure if they're even still selling this. But, if you look here: http://serp-bot.com/serp.php You can see the steps it completes: opens Google Searchtypes in the keyword which you specified for your websiteclicks ‘Search’ and look thrugh the various Google Pages for your siteclicks and visit your website once I found it, no matter even if it´s on 20th or 50th placestays on your site and click on internal pages, just as if a real human is browsing your siteOnce visit is completed I change IP, clean cookies (Using Ccleaner) &
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