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  1. Can you please resend me this? I payed the lifetime license when you were selling it, with the promise that you will complete this system. I will really appreciate if you can send me the latest release. Thank you.
  2. Does this thread irritate someone? A bunch of eventualities happened since I opened this thread. Including my PC just dying when opening meters Locker system. Now my customers cannot open the last compiled software. I also keep paying a monthly subscription to support Ubot. This is really fucking weird. I'm not saying UBot caused this. But I somehow ranted on macster that I bought him the licensing extension but it never worked. A correlation between all these eventualities may be paranoid. Im really confused.
  3. Hello... Ive been watching that many people stopped participating in this forums. Is UBot dying? Where is everybody?
  4. Dude.. No offense, but your other tools I bought went to shit. I mean, I cant do anything. Why text fields auto erase content when added? Ive been struggling now for 2 hours!!
  5. This can work for anyone with specific SaaS requirements that send signal to a Windows VPS that runs UBot. So with this you can offer membership or sell credits for operations.
  6. Its still up to date. Since it is a VIDEO COURSE and a SOURCE CODE, you will be able to learn exactly how to fix if it broken. Anyway, I offer to update it and upload another video for the update if this is broken.
  7. This is educational, Im selling SOURCE CODE + VIDEO TUTORIAL. Obviously if I made a clone of SEMRush I wouldnt be posting the source here. Also I will require Python and more power and ventures. So hope everything is clear now.
  8. Hello everyone, I decided to release my personal method on how to Spy on Google Adwords. I had it first on PHP but decided to migrate to UBot 5 and extend. http://wizardofbots.com/network/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/adwordswob.jpg Do you ever wondered how SEMRush gets all the PPC data from Google Adwords? Have you ever wanted to do it by yourself but you dont have the technical expertise to code this? Let me help you, this course will guide you through learning the following thinks: Grab ads from search results and knowing how to search them for local campaigns.Original method for spying on
  9. Holy cow.. How you made for making that GUI? Lazybot UI?
  10. Yeah sure! On the login post you can add your function for re-scrape that same users data and refresh. If you want to keep track of progress you need to input another cell in the same table with same youtube id. So whenever a single video post is opened you see progress along time.
  11. Hello everyone.. Once ago I started a project called Linkedin Marketer PRO along other coders.. It was a success on BHW: https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/linkedin-marketer-pro-profile-group-company-email-extractor-friend-adder-more.621606/ And here: http://network.ubotstudio.com/forum/index.php/topic/14928-sell-linkedin-marketer-pro-email-extractor/ But for some issues I had to take it down. Now Im selling the source code for educational purposes. What you can do with it: Data extraction (Profiles, Groups, Companies, Schools and Jobs)Multi account management.Storing actions and data on Data
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