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  1. Thanks for the suggestion. I run this command: dir %WINDIR%\Microsoft.Net\Framework\v* and it says that I have the following frameworks installed: v1.0.3705 v1.1.4322 v2.0.50727 v3.0 v3.5 v4.0.30319 When I try to install v4.5 I get an error message saying "Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 is already part of this operating system. You do not need to install the .NET Framework 4.5 redistributable." I don't think this is the problem because other working computers have similar dot net frameworks installed.
  2. I am having difficulty installing UBot 5.9.50 on my new laptop. For some reason, not all of the required files and folders are being downloaded and/or written to the disk. Here are the steps that I have tried: Begin by uninstalling UBot,delete or rename the AppData\Roaming\UBot Studio folder,reboot computer,connect to my UBot account and download the .msi installer file;launch the installer filer which begins by "Downloading base files", and the progress indicator appears which seems to take the usual amount of time to "Download Support Files", about 4 or 5 minutes to download,When it finish
  3. Thanks for the suggestion. That was exactly what I was thinking. To "inject" the display style into the HTML. Question is: How would I do that?
  4. I have a table in my UI HTML Panel with lots of rows and buttons. I would like to be able to hide or show certain rows within the table by pressing a button. One button to hide a row, and another button to display the same row. Can someone explain how to do this? Thanks
  5. This depends on what option is set on the Applications tab of Firefox. The two possible options are: Open with; and Save FileThe work-around suggested by deliter seems to be working fine for me. Thanks. x
  6. This for this suggestion Jay. Your suspicion was correct - the uBot documentation does not list the "Downloads" folder as a $special folder and therefore I needed to hard-code the download folder path to get it to work. http://wiki.ubotstudio.com/wiki/Special_Folder
  7. I am running into some difficulty in downloading a PDF from webpage. I have constructed a URL in the following format: #GET_URL https://www.reports.propertyline.ca/Report/?SessionID=5a97fdac-72a0-4e9f-a7a8-f6a6e30ecfab&ReportID=691581,,&InvoiceID=881294&InvoiceItemID=944037&Type=BasicReport&Agent=2&NoImg=false&AddMap=true&provinceID=21 The problem I am having is that when I use this command to navigate to the page: plugin command("ExBrowser.dll", "ExBrowser Navigate", #GET_URL) This will automatically download the requested "report" and imme
  8. Thanks for this great plugin Aymen. Can anyone explain how I can use this plugin to handle null values in JSON? For example, here is a list of 10 fields that I am trying to parse, however, when I add these items to a list, I don't get 10 results if any of the fields are null. set(#f01_Address,$plugin function("JSONpath.dll", "$JSONpath parser", #json, "$.Address"),"Global") set(#f02_CommRefCode,$plugin function("JSONpath.dll", "$JSONpath parser", #json, "$.CommRefCode"),"Global") set(#f03_Comments,$plugin function("JSONpath.dll",
  9. Thanks for the help Pash. Your code works on the sample data, but what about when the sample data is like this: "|35 CHESTNUT PARK RD |CITY OF TORONTO|5300000|2014\/11|43.679108|-79.386780|190410123000100|3977000|PLAN R32263E LOT 3C|", "|39 CHESTNUT PARK RD |CITY OF TORONTO|2000000|2004\/04|43.679179|-79.386542|190410123000200|4106000|LOT 23RE AREA 4A|", "|43 CHESTNUT PARK RD |CITY OF TORONTO|1847625|1997\/11|43.679223|-79.386343|190410123000300|4279000|42R624 26y33E LOTS 55T|"The last segment of data can contain a mix of letters and numbers and spaces, of varying length.
  10. I am trying to scrape the data at the end of each of these comma-separated strings. Each string has different segments that are separated by pipes. Here is my sample data: "|35 CHESTNUT PARK RD |CITY OF TORONTO|5300000|2014\/11|43.679108|-79.386780|190410123000100|3977000|PLAN 233E LOT 3|", "|39 CHESTNUT PARK RD |CITY OF TORONTO|2000000|2004\/04|43.679179|-79.386542|190410123000200|4106000|PLAN 233E LOT 4|", "|43 CHESTNUT PARK RD |CITY OF TORONTO|1847625|1997\/11|43.679223|-79.386343|190410123000300|4279000|PLAN 233E LOT 5|" The data that I want to scrape is: PLAN 233E LOT 3 PLAN 233E LOT
  11. Problem solved! The great and amazing deliter has solved this problem for me. For anyone who is interested, this is what I was looking for: plugin command("HTTP post.dll", "http keep alive", "Yes") set(#myNum,"190410165|190810201|191902222","Global") plugin command("HTTP post.dll", "http set headers", "Accept", "application/json, text/javascript, */*; q=0.01") plugin command("HTTP post.dll", "http set headers", "Accept-Language", "en-GB,en;q=0.5") plugin command("HTTP post.dll", "http settings headers", "Accept-Encoding", "gzip, deflate, br") plugin command("HTTP post.dll", "http settings
  12. I recently purchased the Socket Code Generator and the HTTP POST plugin from Aymen. Now I am trying to use those tools to create my first HTTP Post code. I haven't been able to get it working yet, and I would be very happy to pay someone to help me with this. If you are up for the challenge, I can share with you a short bot that I created which does the following: navigates to target site, login with username and password, loop 3 times and, type a 9-digit &number into specified element, scrape the #count from the specified element using regex, and alert the #count to the s
  13. I am experiencing the same problem. Did this issue ever get resolved?
  14. Is anyone able to help me with this problem I am having with the Download File command? I keep getting this error saying: Server Committed A Protocol Violation Someone smarter than me commented to me that "a part of the http download file request needs to be url encoded", but I don't know how to go about doing that. Anyone have any ideas how I can overcome this error? Thank you.
  15. I recently upgraded to version of the Advanced Ubot 2 plugin and now I am noticing that the comment/uncomment command is missing from the shortcut menu, as is the find/replace command. Interestingly, this problem seems to be happening on only one of my two computers running the plugin. When I enable an older version of the plugin these commands come back, but unfortunately so too does the warning message. As soon as I remove the previous version of the plugin and leave only the latest version, the comment/uncomment and find/replace commands are gone. Does anyone have any idea
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