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  1. One, to see it easily, and make following conversations offline easier, plus it could be fed into a new database where keyword searches could be done identifying the person who said it, and other posts they made, along with a list of people who they have corresponded with.
  2. forum will be provided. it won't be searching for them
  3. I need a bot to crawl some forums and scrape article title, author name, and post etc, putting them into a table exported to csv so the data can be stored and recreated. example of how the data would need to be sorted http://i.imgur.com/RRhvDYg.png Data should be in order of the posts, so for example jeff would be the topic starter, joe replied first, then craig. This way the data can be recreated elsewhere exactly as it appeared. Let me know what something like this would cost, and time frame to build it. I have a developer license, I just don't have the time to get this done myself
  4. i've already coded it to use define's. works good. i'll change that in a later version to prevent a new file being created.
  5. as for links if anyone is wondering, <a href=\"#\" target=\"_blank\" onclick=\"ubot.runScript(\'browse()\')\">Go to google</a> I'd be curious to figure a way to modify a variable from the same link, so that inside the runscript, it will include a url already defined. until then, I guess I have a bunch of defines to make hope that helps someone looking for a work-around. on load("Bot Loaded") { load html("<a href=\"#\" target=\"_blank\" onclick=\"ubot.runScript(\'browse()\')\">Go to google</a>") } define browse { save to file("start.bat", "start http://www.g
  6. It doesn't seem to allow shell("start http://youtube.com") but if you do it this way, it does work. save to file("start.bat", "start http://www.youtube.com") shell("start.bat")
  7. that's actually a good idea. with windows, you can open a browser using the start command. cmd start http://www.youtube.com/#video hmm. thanks for reminding me of that. lol i'll have to see if i can execute a shell command from the loaded html pages links or buttons. i've not done that before. tried to avoid utilizing any outside commands to prevent trust issues.
  8. the problem with that is that the way the script works is it scraps data, then loads a new html page to display that data. if you did that in the ui panel, the data does not refresh, and if it did, it would reset the the form fields no?
  9. I need a work around. have a project that requires external browser window from load html.
  10. Problems getting a clicked link inside a load html command to function in a new window. example on load("Bot Loaded") { load html("<a href=\"http://www.google.com\" target=\"_blank\">Go to google</a> ") } compile the bot. load the bot. click link. nothing. click link again. nothing. click click click click *bashes keyboard* nothing. + missing key.
  11. exactly what I was looking for. thank you!
  12. I have a table being populated by a bunch of variables, but the design is broken when it exceeds the total width allowed. pretty standard issue for most people i'm sure. Is there a way to delete all content in a variable after a set number or characters or replace it with something like ...
  13. I also have a version that does not utilize cleverscript and requires no other account than a twitter account. I just don't want someone to profit from this as i'm giving it away free. that is why I pulled the source.
  14. This is a twitter bot that will automatically respond to messages it receives from the account given to it. no further input is required from who ever operates it. Simply create a twitter account, create a a.i account, and click run. it's that simple. http://ubuntuone.com/0UP19qPSsO1ypE5RRVyzkl
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