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  1. Need a license reset please sent you a pm and mail through your site. Edit: Just did some research and found the license reset link if anyone also needs it: http://lazylocker.com/lock/PublicResetLicense.php
  2. You have to also do a http post and pass the credentials/cookies over. There is a user on the forums here (Dan I think it was) who was selling a great little course on how to use these functions effectively. He goes over how to use them for logging into sites, etc.
  3. You can use regular expressions for this. Set a var to find regular expression from the doctext you are searching. Here is a way to pull out just the number from this text: <span class="stats-row">15 Items Avaible</span> Regular Expression: (?<=class="stats-row">)\d+(?=\s) To grab the number from this text: <a href="#reviews" class="gig-ratings-count js-gtm-event-auto" data-gtm-category="gig-page-triple" data-gtm-action="click" data-gtm-label="buyer-reviews">(205)</a> Regular Expression: (?<=buyer-reviews">\()\d+(?=\)<) Also, remember to check t
  4. Awesome plugin going to have to think of some ideas and then pick this one up! Thanks!!
  5. Just picked it up, looking forward to diving into this one. Thanks for the great offer and sorry someone flaked on you like that, not cool at all.
  6. Can you find regular expressions via doctext with this? If not any change you would add that parameter?
  7. My twitter logins are working fine using v4. Have not noticed any issues with logging in.
  8. Hey @Fer have you had a chance to check out the skype functions? Tried using the send skype message but it's not working as of today.
  9. Sounds like you are going to need to build a table and navigate to each profile then scrape the information you are looking for and put it into a table. Username, Bio Then you can analyze the data you are looking for that way. Or, you could build the filter right into the bot it's self. For example, navigate to the profile then scrape the bio and create an if statement which see's if that current users bio contains and of the words you choose. If the keyword exists then save those usernames to a list. Play around with different features and you can do what you are asking fairly easy. The
  10. Also be very careful following that many people at once and especially if you are doing that over and over good way to get the ban hammer fast on IG.
  11. Well you would want to use the run javascript to scroll down which would be: window.scrollTo(0,document.body.scrollHeight);Then I would recommend using regex to scrape out the usernames and add those to a list. Then just loop it for as many times you want to scroll down.
  12. Doing some testing on that site you can see the url structure is as follows: https://twitter.com/search?f=users&vertical=default&q=baking&src=typdreplace the keyword baking with the keyword you want to search then perform your scraping.
  13. Very nice, I have been looking for a solution like this.
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