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  1. Thanks guys, but unfortunately that wouldn't solve my problem as I still have to increment the variable. Let me put it this way Thread 1 > Increment > Navigate Thread 2 > Increment > Navigate Lets say, that Thread 2 is faster than Thread 1. And that it goes like this: 1. Thread 2 would increment the variable 2. Thread 1 would increment the variable 3. Thread 2 would navigate 4. Thread 1 would navigate Then I would have 2 threads navigating at the same place, because one didn't manage to Increment + Navigate instantly. So I'm talking about a delay between increment and n
  2. Lets say I have a multi threaded bot, and they all have to scrape something from pages. And I start off with a variable, lets say #PageNumber and its value is 1. Now, each thread needs to increment the global variable by 1, and then visit the page for example: http://somewebsite.com/index.php?pagenumber=#PageNumber But how do I know if this is accurate? I am pretty sure threads would mess up and for example it would increment 3 times before one thread actually navigates to the page, causing my bot to skip a page/pages. Any ideas? Also if I wasn't clear enough let me know. (Yes, Next li
  3. This is just plain advertising, and 100% not relevant to my issue. I wonder if you even took the time to read the thread :L
  4. Why don't you use the new UBot? 5.9.6 has some issues but 5.8.5 works fine without browser crashes!
  5. Hey there, I succeeding in solving the captcha, taking the ID and answer into a post and so on. But before I made it there I had issues with this: I would get these captchas non-stop, and sometimes you can't even solve them. Page would say it is incorrect. so to solve that problem I injected this cookie: NID=72=t9XfebiEESVWvNXSLo-Ocu9Nhx9c3nnv9RmzYS0I3wqeY3eg9JQqhpuIQvPlDZHjcgJFrS3WZ-AWAXZWl-RhCk0xzVDUbX9zJl8wINGSSgBQX9QvtUmpq6mY6zxR97Hdzipz3Z7QtIQLZvKRzOjULIE5A0UKei55HV1HEBybeQV4oUA And I got these captchas: But unfortunately, that was only temporarily. Now I am getting those nasty cap
  6. For what can PhantomJS be used? Even though it is headless, can I still just change my browser type to PhantomJS, and my bot will work? (I mean for most part) I mean how can you test if it is working if it is headless I did "element exist" and worked fine, but I mean like how does it handle tabs and so on
  7. They could bind a virus to the bot, so it will still work but you will be infected. I recommend buying it, and letting it stay with you (without executing it) for at least a week. If the virus was made F/UD (Fully/ Undetectable) it will atleast take a week before AVs pick it up. I also recommend to get Eset Nod32, they are the first ones to detect a virus in most cases. You can always use Sandboxie as well (This does not prevent people from stealing passwords from your default browser) Or a virtual machine (This is the safest thing to do) Also scan on Virus Total and on malwr.com, malwr.
  8. Hey, There is a website with buttons. I can click the button but nothing happens, unless I allow pop ups in a new window. Things go fine, but after I open a second pop up, it will stay blank forever. So I degraded to UBot 5.8.5 But now, after opening a pop up (new window) 5-6 times, it will stop popping up. Nothing happens. Is there any stable version that can handle pop ups (new window) properly? Also the normal pop up, like the overlay on your screen doesn't seem to work. I will reinstall UBot again but with an even older version to see if it works on there. If you know a solutio
  9. Add your proxies to a list and use the function $next list item
  10. Since not many people are using the issues tracker, please reply here with your bug. I will make a list so it is easier for the guys behind stealth to follow. Change proxy does not work in UBot Stealth for most peopleSet user agent is not workingChange proxy in a new browser does not workWhen you change your browser engine, it is not savedClear cookies is not workingThread spawn sometimes spawns more than the maximum allowedUI open file does not work, crashes UBotType text + next list item doesn't work on start up. Need to run the node 5 times before it actually types something
  11. Too bad it still has problems from the latest beta. UI open file doesn't work. Thread spawn is cool but sometimes bugs out when you stop and start your bot. I set my max concurrents to 5 but it jumps to 9. And proxies in new browsers do not work for me. (Does it for anyone else?)
  12. I know this thread is old but I still would like to help. If anyone is looking forward to comparing 2 images, just convert them to base64. Then compare the base64 code.
  13. https://www.dropbox.com/s/wiibkiib75iqlm0/Fer%27s%20Plugin.dll?dl=0 "delete" is the command for it.
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