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  1. Hi there. Iam trying to populate the box "Tell everyone what your Pin is about" in PINTEREST. Already tried type text and change attribute nodes but did not work. Any ideas? Thanks
  2. Post the source code, otherwise is sooooo difficult helping you out.
  3. Short and easy to read. Thanks Nick, one of my bots (scraper) started working crazy because the website where it takes the info from, changed again and takes too much loading all the info. The solution was the Aymen's http plugin, but my problem was I did not have a clue about http process. My solution..... https://elitebotters.com/product/http-post-plugin-apis/ after a few hours I had the knowlege to start working on my bot, and 24 hours later, it is almost done. Thanks Nick Luis Carlos
  4. The problem are not the proxyes, but the browser. Even using an external browser they will detect you. If Manta.com can, OF COURSE google will do. http://network.ubotstudio.com/forum/index.php/topic/18041-sell-exbrowser-now-on-sale/?p=135057 Dont waste your time, do white hat bots, for entreprises, leave behind the social networks ones, companies need automatic solutions for their daily tasks, you will find several on linkedin. Luis Carlos
  5. Thanks, but I dont really care how good is python, c+ or any other language. We need a good and suported ubot studio.
  6. What plugins should I have for the source code?
  7. Contact to Dan. A new thread just for this does not make sense.
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