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  1. GIve us more information. Any one time payment plugin will stant out. 🤩
  2. Hello. This code works well in ubot 5, but it does not in 6. Anything wrong? ui stat monitor("Track",#Var_stat) set(#Var_stat,0,"Local") loop(100) { increment(#Var_stat) wait(1) } It shows the changes in the var in the debugger. Thanks
  3. How Can I delete the cookies, I tried the normal nodes, but it did not work. I logged in to pinterest, and can not log out. thks
  4. You want to install both versions on the same pc, right? http://network.ubotstudio.com/forum/index.php?/topic/22154-read-this-before-you-update/ Luis Carlos
  5. No udpates in a long long time. Better you can do is use the latest ubot 5, along with an external browser. I use this https://new.ubot-plugins.com/selbrowser and works fine.
  6. You meant the browser does not accept any actions (type, click etc)? I checked the 3 versions (4,5 and 6) and work fine on my end. Luis Carlos
  7. That folder is empty on my end, and ubot works just fine.
  8. Just contact him to his email (the same as always), telling him the paypal email you use to pay, He will send the new version of all the plugins you bought.
  9. You mean if I subscribe to the membership, and I am not going to use the compiller, so I unsubscribe, It is an action against your TOS? How many are "numerous times" for you?
  10. Just email him and will send the instructions. Regards
  11. try this.. just change from local to global. ui stat monitor("List",$list total(%list)) ui button("Clear List") { clear list(%list) } ui button("Add To List") { add item to list(%list,$rand(1,888),"Delete","Global") }
  12. I have the same problem in version 6.3.9.
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