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  1. Having the same issue at moment, i have set it, nevertheless it doesn't arrive. Going through a proxy, it does get sent on each of the previous and following requests, but not at this request: http upload. instead of the accept-language i'll get this: Accept-Charset: ISO-8859-1,utf-8;q=0.7,*; q=0.7 Already tried many things up down, left right, add some, remove some, my current request looks like plugin command("HTTP post.dll", "http clear headers") plugin command("HTTP post.dll", "http settings headers", "Content Type", $nothing) plugin command("HTTP post.dll",
  2. I am still stuck at login. I have attached my script. Please help me fix the GDPR login, tell me your price. Many thanks in advance. tumblr-login2021-1_4.ubot
  3. Hi Everyone, I am trying to "click" the accept button with http request and HTTP post.dll plugin. On tumblrcom there is that overlay, that appears when you have an EU IP and cleared cookies. This popup is showing only with EU IP, and blocks me from further actions. There appears to be some kind of javascript, which i was unable to find out how to send that http request. There exist afaik 3 same popups when using EU IP: 1) when clicking Login ========================== 1. goto tumblrcom 2. click login 3. accept popup shows 2) same with signup =====================
  4. if i get it right, you are looking for increment(#charCountPos1) if not, and if you want to just add some text to a text, you could do it like set(#new,$nothing,"Global") set(#one,0,"Global") set(#rand,$rand(3,9),"Global") loop(#rand) { increment(#one) set(#addd,$text length(#new),"Global") set(#new,$insert text(#new,"{#one}|",#addd),"Global") } alert(#new)
  5. Hello, [Order #2948] (25/11/2018) PP Transactionscode: 8BE24351NU767060W The licence details email was from Ubot Studio Plugin poweredscript[at]gmail.com
  6. Hello, Ubot Studio is taking ~15 minutes to start, while it displays only white after then it is displaying error on plugin: It all worked before, but i remember there were same problems with Advanced Ubot plugin some weeks ago. If i remove that plugin it starts normally, but i need that plugin in my current project. Any help much appreciated! All the best, ibins
  7. i am using this one liner set(#proxy,$random list item($list from file("{$special folder("Application")}/proxy.txt")),"Global")
  8. Many thanks for your reply! I found a way, instead adressing the nonexistent value, i adress the delimiter itself and remove it afterwards. clear list(%my list) set(#in,"list item 1,,list item 3,list item 4,list item 5,list item 6","Global") set(#in,$replace(#in,",","|,|"),"Global") add list to list(%my list,$list from text(#in,","),"Don\'t Delete","Global") set list position(%my list,0) set(#value1,$next list item(%my list) set(#value1,$replace(#value1,"|",""),"Global") set(#value2,$next list item(%my list) set(#value2,$replace(#value2,"|",""),"Global") .. .. Thanks again!
  9. Hello, having problem with following code: clear list(%my list) add list to list(%my list,$list from text("list item 1,,list item 3,list item 4,list item 5,list item 6",","),"Don\'t Delete","Global") which gives me: its declared "Don\'t Delete", but it deletes. Expected Bevavior: How do i overcome this issue? I cannot modify input to put a "0" / "space" or something, i need to use it that way. Many Thanks in advance for your help.
  10. Stopped suddently to compile, now i have the same here at version 6.0.4 i7-4790K 32 Gb Ram .NET 3.5 (.NET 2.0 and 3.0) .NET 4.7 advanced services I've just requested the old latest 5.9 version from support.
  11. Many thanks HelloInsomnia for pointing me in the right direction!
  12. Hello guys, What is the 2018 way to go, when appending to 1 file at multiple threads? I have fear my bot is crashing because of that. i dont want to collect all data in a variable because when bot crashes all is gone. The recommendation from Dan can only save and not append. plugin command("File Management.dll", "locked save to file", "", ""), i dont want to read the file first and then save it, over multiple threads, this is not practicable for me. for the tiny mce usage i did not have found any demo code yet. The other old plugin, with the lock{ function, didnt appear in the plugin
  13. Hi all, Just got stuck a little, i need to modify already set useragent with exbrowser launcher, i cannot close and reopen browser for this. How do you do it? Any help much appreciated.
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