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  1. Here it close ubot after the splash page. it is like the validation failed and the software close by itself. it is the IPS issue or the ubot licensing server issue. please open a support ticket. --------------------- i goto Mc donalds and connect to their wifi, ubot5 is working fine on the same machine. (it failed again if i connect to my mobile hotspot... this issue only start happening today) the 2nd home pc with a home wifi can run ubot5 no issue. the problem only appear when i connect to my mobile hotspot. --------------------- ubot is not stuck, but it closed. i check in task m
  2. try another internet connection or other wifi. i am able to run ubot just 1 hour ago, but now with a mobile hotspot it keep on closing when it start validating license. i will try again when home
  3. When submit a tweet on twitter with exbrowser.. when click on the upload image icon, a select file window will pop up. is there anyway we can upload image without the pop up window? this pop up occupied the pc and possible to mess up when in multithread.
  4. I try to scrape the data using http get, but i only get some html without the page content. https://www.spyfu.com/keyword/overview?query=contractors Brown Island JAX any idea how to set the http header?
  5. I know the ubot virus warning issue have been asked for many times, but is there any new development to avoid the false positive? anyone have experience with code signing certificate? does it work for this issue?
  6. i found the solution: remove attribute with run javascript
  7. i am stuck with a login page that need to solve recaptcha & enable login button to access. https://www.adultlook.com/a/login I am able to show the recaptcha answer box and i try run javascript, but it do not work the login button do not enable... anyone can help? http://7url.com/image/javascript.png i found that i need to remove the attribute "disabled" to enable the login button, but how to remove an attribute in ubot?
  8. Hi, I tried to update to exbrowser v1.4 last week and found it cant launch either chrome or firefox at all, so i load back v1.3 and skip update. but now it forcefully require update to v1.4.... still it cant launch chrome or firefox. Any solution? owner notice this issue? my chrome is uptodate Google Chrome is up to dateVersion 79.0.3945.130 (Official Build) (64-bit)windows 10 up to date 8GB RAM i7
  9. update; the ui crash issue resolved (after 1 week of testing) here is the action i take: repair .net after it reset .NET it get windows updates again then i disable .NET 4.8 in "turn off windows feature", reboot and turn on again then suddenly it work again.
  10. do you use "reset this pc" to reinstall windows? how do you stop update? win 10 will force update.
  11. i found ubot UI have serious issue after recent windows 10 update, anyone face the same issue? and do you have any solution? https://prnt.sc/pwtqsn my guess: it is due .NET 4.8 update that crash wpf GUI
  12. save the table to sqlite, make a button for "sort" then call sqlite table with query sort by x SELECT*FROM tableorder by x desc;set ubot table to ustrap table variable ------------------- or sort table in ubot https://wiki.ubotstudio.com/wiki/Sort_Table then set to ustrap variable
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