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  1. WINDOWS update caused same problem for me last year, reinstalling windows again helped and switching off updates

  2. I know this is an old post - I'm having the same issue all of a sudden... did you ever find a workaround for this issue by chance?
  3. Hi Nick, Hope all is well! Thank you for the newest rounds of updates you released in the past month - I meant to follow up sooner but time got away from me. The sort table then table to datagrid works much faster than the adding individual rows, and allow for column sorting with the event hooks for data grid headers - super awesome! I purchased the source code and have been trying to go through on how to achieve this but I'm stumped, was hoping you might be able to shed some insight on how you'd do it (or add it as an update if possible): Import Table to Datagrid but look at the colum
  4. Yeah that would be a good fix for images, but I'm also worried about button columns, centering text in certain columns, and other formatting that might be tricky to push through in a single table to Datagrid call - I like the looping and adding option so data can be altered as added to the grid, if we could get rid of the delay and have the grid start rendering the new rows as they're added in realtime
  5. Hi Nick, I sent an email with my question but posted here in case the answer may be useful to others if the glitch is widespread and not related to my setup: After adding sorting logic hooked to a Datagrid event header click, when updating the grid with the sorted table the Table to Datagrid command works instantly, which is awesome. The problem is, when the table has formatting or special cells/columns that aren't text-based the table to Datagrid command isn't able to add the cells with images or buttons, styling, etc. So I clear all Datagrid rows with the command and then loop throu
  6. Hi pash, Looking to buy this but had a few questions to see if this plugin has the functions or if there are others you sell that might accomplish what I'm looking for: 1) I need to check dates of files and delete those that are older than X days. Can this plugin help achieve that (return file date, or some function to delete files older than X days)? 2) I need to check how many files are in a folder, and if over a certain amount (for example, over 100 files in a folder), delete files until 100 are left by removing oldest files first. 3) I need to edit metadata for files of various ty
  7. Thank you so much for the help - I was able to get it working with the info you provided - eternally grateful for all your awesome training, plugins, and support. Meant to thank you earlier but by the time I got to try and implement your tips the forum was down (luckily for me I had your response in an email from the forum, so could experiment) - but I got it working and wanted to thank you now that the forum is functioning properly again. I really appreciate it!
  8. Hi Nick, Could you post some sample code on how to change UI buttons appearance on hover? I can set the buttons background color and border with something like: <Border Padding="8"> <Border.Resources> <Style TargetType="{x:Type Button}"> <Setter Property="Background" Value="#181818" /> <Setter Property="BorderBrush" Value="#181818" /> <Setter Property="Foreground" Value="#B3B5B1" /> </Style> </Border.Resources> </Border> However, when I add some code like: <S
  9. This has probably been discussed multiple times but I didn't seem to see it, and couldn't find any info about it in the videos or docs (though it's very possible I overlooked it - if so I do apologize): In the newest 1.4 version, what is the best way to update the portable firefox shipped with our bots? I use Meter's update system - should I include the correct newer version of FireFox in it and have the updater unzip and overwrite the existing firefox folder in the directory? Or is there a way to check the current firefox version in Ubot, and run the ExBrowser Download Portable Browser fun
  10. Thank you Pash, this worked perfectly. Thanks so much again
  11. Thank you for the updated version Pash, I appreciate it. However, when I try to use it it says "Plugin Name: Advanced Dialog - Unable to contact license server" but using Advanced Screen and Windows pops up with an update prompt, so I know the server is working. Any idea what could be causing that? When I try to use the text box dialog command it tells me the plugin hasn't been authorized. Also, I tried to use Advanced Screen & Windows to use the app window menu box control feature, but if I add the command before the "$text box dialog" call it doesn't take effect, and if I add it after
  12. Hi Pash, Sorry to bother again - thank you for adding the option to hide the Dialog Name a few weeks back, I appreciate it. I do have a question: is there a way to allow the text box dialog to be dragged around? I have a customer who is on a small resolution screen and for some reason the box appears halfway off the screen and below, so he can't access the buttons at the bottom. If he could drag the window it would help, but it can't be dragged with the Menu Tools Dialog Name left blank as of now. I definitely need to keep the functionality of being able to tell whether the box was closed
  13. thank you so much for the awesome quick update as always! Works perfect for the clicked buttons - last question: is there a way to either disable the "X" button in the upper right of the window or have the dialog form return "Cancel" when clicking the "X" in the upper right of the window? Thanks again!
  14. Hi Pash, for the $text box dialog parameter, is there a way to distinguish between a user deleting all the text in the text box and clicking OK vs. the user clicking the cancel button? It seems like right now either way results in a blank variable, so it's impossible to differentiate between a user clearing the text and committing to the variable by clicking, or cancelling and leaving the variable as it was before. Maybe clicking cancel or X could return a $false value or something so we can check to see if the user actually cancelled, or if they clicked OK after clearing all data in the tex
  15. I just wanted to follow up and say TJ is a stand-up guy - he immediately jumped in to help me get my issues sorted, and got it all fixed in under 10 minutes. If you don't have this mod yet you're missing out, it's so powerful compared to the original script and worth every penny. Thanks again for the great product and awesome support TJ!
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