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  1. May i ask what exactly is missing from my http get ?
  2. I think is enabled in latest version.
  3. So long time no update released. An update is coming soon with a lot of internal fixes.
  4. Better do the same with my plugin http get and not browser
  5. version released - Recaptcha / Image solve windows in threads fixed. - HTTP Post Parameters fixed. - SQLite optimizations. - Regex Replace fixed.
  6. version released - Thread Lock / Unlock fixed. - Thread Lock Timeout added. (Breaking change)
  7. version released (Breaking Changes) - Captcha Image Solve cache bug fixed. - Https reworked. - Function HTTP Last Error added. - Functions renamed: - from $Heopas HTTP Get last URL to $Heopas HTTP Last URL - from $Heopas HTTP Get All Cookies to $Heopas HTTP All Cookies - from $Heopas HTTP Get All Headers to $Heopas HTTP All Headers - from $Heopas HTTP Get Cookie to $Heopas HTTP Cookie - from $Heopas HTTP Get Header to $Heopas HTTP Header
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