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  1. This thread will get closed like the previous one i bet. To be honest i don't know if anybody is working on this project anymore. The guy is too busy on promoting his course on how to manage a business online but he can't manage his own. The browser is outdated not to mention the about 80 Bugs Reports still opened in the tracker for more then a year ago. The good thing is that the competition is doing a much better job of updating their software and i get to use other automation software.
  2. In the shell... After i type the login command it asks for username and after that the password.I'm stuck at the username,password
  3. Still couldn't find an answer to my question ... if anyone can help i would really appreciate it
  4. Does anybody have any idea how i could respond with the shell command after my initial input ? For example : i initiate a program from the shell ---> asks for username automatically (how can i input the username here?) .... then password and so on . How can i pass the credencials when they appear automatically ?
  5. I'm going to post this here because i see you don't look at the SSUB thread anymore. You should know that all your customers are there also. The new version has a bug: If you use the checkbox command and you select the "switch" option and you click the "view in default browser" the checkbox is transformed into a standard checkbox
  6. The new version has a bug: If you use the checkbox command and you select the "switch" option and you click the "view in default browser" the checkbox is transformed into a standard checkbox
  7. Why would i reset my licence if 2 days ago worked and i haven't done any changes since then ? As you can see i'm not the only one having this issue
  8. I get "Invalid Licence.Alowed number of activations has been exceeded" Haven't installed on any other machine
  9. How do you people wait for window or tab in exbrowser when the site title is dynamic generated and only part of the title is the same I tried using just the title part that always shows up with no luck
  10. Hi peeps , i'm trying to change proxies using a vpn and i want to do it when the last thread in Exbrowser has finished doing it's job. Tried doing it by incrementing a variable inside the loop and when the variable reaches a number start the vpn process. The problem is when the process starts threads are still doing actions. How can i wait for threads to finish and then start the vpn process ?
  11. Is there anybody else experiencing this ? For me it doesn't worck the ui window , i'm using 5.9.50 Dev Version
  12. Hi peeps, i need your help once again. So i created this bot and i need the subcategories to be dynamic. For example if i select from the category dropdown "phones" the subcategory dropdown has to change "iphone","samsung" and so on,if i select "cars" in category the subcategory changes to "mercedes","bmw". So for each category the subcategory becomes dynamic and i don't know how to do it . Any help is appreciated
  13. Interesting thread that @steelersfan opened and i, like many others would have liked to know the answer to the questions that mattered the most and haven't been answered. I see that the thread has been locked and this is like trying shutting up the people that have payed good money for their licences and are paying for updates without receiving anything. I'm just going to paste again the questions that haven't been answered and i would like to know the answers to these also. Firstly, why are updates so few and very far in between? I subscribe to updates and pay quarterly, but am lucky to see
  14. Interested in comparing it to 2captcha. Has the plugin been tested with exbrowser and multithreaded?
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