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  1. UBOT captcha solver plugin free from Imagetyperz supports all captcha types image captcha,geetest,recaptcha v2 and v3. you can download the plugin from here https://github.com/imagetyperz-api/imagetyperz-api-ubot
  2. http://www.imagetyperz.com/API/NEW/Imagetyperz_ubotplugin_ReCaptcha.zip http://www.imagetyperz.com/API/NEW/Imagetyperz_ubotplugin_RegularCaptcha.zip http://www.imagetyperz.com/API/NEW/How%20to%20use%20the%20ImageTyperz%20Plugin.pdf Hi you can download the plugin from above links
  3. Hi guys, We have started to solving recaptchas with cheaper rate and best time. Guys just ping me if someone will be interested in this.
  4. You can make tests and let us know the results, we are sure it works. I will PM your gift code for tests. I can't, can you please email me and ask gift code on the: marketing@imagetyperz.com
  5. Hi guys, ImageTypers Have new method recaptcha solution with tokens including invisible recaptchas only for 2.5$!! We are ready to give gift codes everyone to test it. Thanks (so we are happy to get these promotions every month.) Reply to the thread to receive PM with the gift code. How tu use our DLL-s Download Plugin
  6. Cheap & Best CAPTCHA BYPASS Service We have successfully satisfied thousands of customers by providing automated captcha bypass Our Best Price : $0.00130 per CAPTCHA Peak Hour Price : $0.00165 per CAPTCHA 3% Extra Credit : Order for 99$ or more http://www.imagetypers.com/images/imagetypers.jpg decaptcha | decaptcher | bypass captcha | captcha decoding | captcha decoder 95% accuracyNo Charge for Bad CaptchaUBOT ,JDOWNLOADER, AUTOIT and myadtools plugins are available.API support for (.NET,C\C++,Java,PHP,Perl etc...)
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