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  1. Hi, i am Still Facing the issue , i have tried Several times by creating the code file and when i close and open back again , the play ground is opened empty and and Stuck. Can you please help , i have tried to reinstall ubot many times and facing issue in both version. Thanks Piyush
  2. Hi, is this still working, can you please reply my skype abbas
  3. Hello Member, i am struggling from last few days on solving this issue. we have several form coming with reCAPTCHA , i have search a forum but do not find any solution. can anybody help me solve this issue. Kindly suggest the plugin or any code, we are using developer edition. Thanks Naveen
  4. Nice Post, Was searching this from last few days. Nice Solution
  5. Are You Having The Code want to Buy but the link is not working
  6. Count me in send me the cose, Want to try that
  7. Can we create web2.0 registration and submission and will that if we export as exe file. does this will work in that or not. Thanks
  8. Yes , i want paid service lol $$$$$$$$$
  9. Hi, we need to design the bot which upload the a csv file to google spread sheet, Please PM me if you can do this job, there are several thing which i will let you know on PM. Thanks Naveen
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