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  1. the thing is that when I open an old version of the bot in ubot, impossible to navigate to twitter, but if I open an old version of an exe, that works. My head is implosing
  2. Hello all, I feel like I'm desesperate. There is no way to navitage to Twitter.com even changing user agent, testing ubot 6 or 4, the only way is to use chrome 67 (in ubot settings) but impossible to make work my bot with that chrome version, do you have an idea, something that could save me and all my customers ? I also tried without any plugins on ubot; and tried old versions of my bot (really old ones too) without any success. Error code is : Something went wrong while displaying this webpage.A connection was reset. CONNECTION_RESET: -101 I would really appreciate any kind of he
  3. Hello guys, I'm having problems since last month, Ubot Locker is not generating the licence into the web interface, I receive the paiement in paypal, I have the paypal transaction in my database,but the licence is not generate, and the mail with it is not send, do you guys had the same issue and do you have a solution for that ? My locker version is the first one (2016)
  4. I had the same problem yesterday, I confirm all is now good with the update
  5. It seems to be good for me too, no update but now when I'm compiling there is no error anymore
  6. Hey guys, do you also have problems when compiling bots since the last update 5.9.55 ? I'm using windows seven, last ubot 5 version 5.9.55, without any plugins and the bot cannot open. All of my bots have the same issue when I compile them. Here is the bot i made for test, the one you can see on the screen. I've attached the .ubot. ui button("go google") { go() } define go { navigate("google.com","Wait") wait for browser event("Everything Loaded","") type text(<name="q">,"ubot forum","Standard") click(<name="btnK">,"Left Click","No") } test.ubot
  7. The javascript onload is working good for me If I use onload from ubot, impossible to navigate to tinstagram, to connect to Twitter, very strange. I use chrome 49 with last ubot 5 version
  8. I use chrome 49 without any ONLOAD from ubot, using javascript to load things, and it is good for me, I can now navigate and use instagram and Twitter
  9. After lot of tests, I can now connect to twitter and click on every buttons if I delete the "on load" function of ubot, using ubot 5 with chrome 49 (not in ubot 4). If I have the "on load" on another tab, it crash and I cannot click or connect to twitter.com. Even if the "on load" is empty... So , I'm gonna try this and will let you know > http://network.ubotstudio.com/forum/index.php/topic/10747-get-onload-feature/
  10. Finally, there is a lot of issues, using ubot4, ubot5 last version with chrome 49 or 21 Lot of buttons are not clickable on Twitter, using a lot of plugins, using also exbrowser for some actions, but I need to use the ubot browser for some actions. Have you find something new @maBOT ? I have tried changing user agent, no success too
  11. Thanks guys, I fixed that, there was new classes to use for the follow/unfollow buttons
  12. Twitter has proceeded to many changes on their interface and I can no longer follow / unfollow and many other problems ... Have you encountered the same problem? If you have a good experience with Ubot and twitter, please contact me privately. Thanks
  13. Can some of you use ubot stealth with your old bots made with ubot 4 ? I got issues with shared browser on ubot 4 and do not want to pay again for an update if it is not ok this time Would be nice if someone can answer me, thank you guys
  14. OK it is back, but cannot connect, and cannot recognize my mail or login... help
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