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  1. Nice! We're all really excited about UBot Studio X. I'm glad you are too
  2. Just wanted to mention that we've seen some success in turning OFF javascript and images to stop this error from occurring.
  3. We did release an update in April that solved two issues that were reported widely. If there are any one other trackable issues, please make sure to add them to the tracker http://tracker.ubotstudio.com
  4. With a title like "is a stripper..." i was expecting something different
  5. You're on the right track. Save as project folder allows you to save the project in a format appropriate for online version control via a platform such as github or bitbucket. You can use these for version control. The process would involve saving the project folder every time you make a relevant update, pushing that update using the platform, and then downloading (pulling) the changes on your other machine, and loading the folder when you want to make changes inside of UBot Studio.
  6. jason


    Make sure to check out our freelance job site: http://network.ubotstudio.com/freelance
  7. Do you have to use the API? http://i.imgur.com/2gFHDt8.gif
  8. We've updated the software in .50 with a fix that should prevent this. Let us know!
  9. As has been described, define is the most obvious replacement for this. Use it the same way that you "label" commands inside Automate 6: Essentially, any time you create a defined command, you are building an area of code you can "go to" simply by calling that command's name. The way most here use defined commands is to have one tab with various defined commands (ie labeled sets of code), and then your script in a separate tab that is a series of conditionals that refer back to different defined commands.
  10. Can you explain what part of facebook can't be handled via UBot? Tested today, seems fine on my end. https://www.screencast.com/t/8j5bpioIxFz OP, UBot Studio can do what you require. Only issue you may run into - It is not 64bit. But you can build all of what you described.
  11. Hey, Here's a screencast of 5.9.44 working fine on Fiverr.... https://www.screencast.com/t/lgxnZynN4B68 Can you show what's happening on your end?
  12. To answer your specific question - UBot Studio can be used to create executables that function via command line only. This is not the norm, but it's entirely possible. For the built-in method, you would set your script up to function after hitting run. Then you would start the compiled version with the correct command line commands to make it run automatically: http://network.ubotstudio.com/blog/3-11008-new-command-line-parameters-run-node/ For additional options, you can see here: http://ubotdev.com/free-plugin-command-line-arguments UBot Studio's compiled bot interface can be hig
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